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Зенина Мария Андреевна636
I'm a teacher of English,I have been teaching at secondary school since 2009.I enjoy creating new worksheets for kids . My hobbies are playing volleyball and cooking.
Россия, Архангельская обл., Виноградовский район, п.Сельменьга

Проверочная работа в 8 классе по УМК «Enjoy English», Биболетова М.З

по теме «Окружающая среда»



Complete each sentence with one of the words (phrases) below:

problems, cut down, protect, throw away, environment.

People destruct wildlife, ………. trees to make furniture. They forget that people can’t leave without trees and plants, because they fill air with oxygen.

Don’t ……………. litter. Try to protect the environment!

The people all over the world do everything to …………. their nature, to make their country richer, to make their life happier. 

4. The most serious ecological ………………. are: noise from cars and buses; destruction of wildlife and countryside beauty and pollution.

5. ……………… is everything in the world around us that surround and affects all life on earth, including the air, food, water, plants, animals and other.

3. Fill each blank space with the word formed from the word in the capitals.


We must protect our planet from …………….


There are a lot of …………………. problems such as global warming, overpopulation and some others. 


Now people are beginning to realize that environmental problems are not somebody else’s. 

If people avoided buying ………… goods there would be less litter thrown by them.


I think that we should recycle our ……….. things, we should plant more trees, we should not waste resources but try save them.


4. Complete the sentences, using Conditional II and III.

1. If I (have) a tablet “Lenovo” , I (watch ) movies on it.

2. If we (not , use ) chemicals we ( not, pollute) our environment.

3. If I (not, be) rude to my parents, they ( give) me some pocket money last


4. If I (be) you, I (invite) Kate to the party yesterday.

5. If we (not, stop) air and water pollution, some species of fish ( not, die) in dirty water.

6. If Jim (not, meet) Helen last winter, he (not, visit) Germany this year.



5. Read the text and do the tasks.


      When the Americans decided to clean up the Statue of Liberty in 1986, the first thing they had to do was to make a hole in her nose and take away the acid rain that had collected inside. The polluted air of New York had mixed with the rain and damaged the Statue badly. And you certainly know that most of the pollution in big cities comes from cars and buses. More and more often people are told not to be in direct sunlight, because ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause skin cancer. Normally the ozone layer in the atmosphere protects us from such radiation, but if there are holes in the ozone layer, ultraviolet radiation can get to the earth. Many scientists think that these holes are the result of air pollution.

       Nuclear power stations can go wrong and cause nuclear pollution. This happened in Windscale in Britain, in Three Mile Island in the USA and Chernobyl in the former Soviet Union. Nuclear pollution cannot be seen but its effects can be terrible. To make air clean again we need good filters at nuclear power stations, at factories and plants and also in cars and buses.

      Both clean air and clean water are necessary for our health. If people want to survive, they must solve these problems quickly. Man is beginning to understand that his environment is not just his own town or country, but the whole earth. That’s why people all over the world think and speak so much about ecology.

According to the text

Is it true or false?

Most of the pollution comes from transport. _______

People don’t care about the environment. ______

You can see nuclear pollution clearly . ________

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is dangerous for our health. _____

To protect the planet from air pollution we should use bicycles more often.

2. Match the words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1) litter a) garbage on the ground or in the street

2) fence b) a special container for garbage

3) jail c) everything that a person can see

4) litter bin d) a wall that separates two places

5) view e) sickness

6) fine f) to try to stop

7) litterbug g) a number of people

8) disease h) money people pay as punishment

9) control i) a place people stay as punishment

10) group j) a person who throws litter












Mark : __________


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