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Проблемы экологии в современном мире

Проблемы экологии в современном мире и пути их разрешения. Урок английского языка и обществознания. Авторы: Копацкая Е.И. Юшманова Ю.В.

Environment means simply what is around us.

The main ecological problems

Reuse Reduce Recycle

  How environmentally aware are you? 1. What does your family do with empty bottles? a) Take them to a recycling bin. b) Return them to the supermarket. c) Throw them in the rubbish bin. 2. When you buy one or two items at the supermarket, you……. a) …….take a plastic carrier bag . b) ……reuse an old plastic carrier bag. с) ……use your own bag. 3. How often do you choose products which contain recycled materials? a) Always b) Never c) Sometimes 4. If you were asked to contribute to a Save the Animals project, you would…… a) … give generously. b) …. give a small amount. c) … refuse to give anything. 5. A local beach has been polluted with oil. You ……. a) … donate money for the clean-up project. b) ….. do nothing. c) … volunteer to help with the clean-up project. 6. You eat a chocolate bar in the street. What do you do with the wrapper? a) Drop it on the pavement. b) Put it in a litter bin. c) Save it to recycling 7. When you clean your teeth, you …. a) …. turn the tap on only when you need water. b) ….. leave the tap running until you have finished. c) …. Only use one glass of water.

What can you personally do to help the world? We should or should not? walk or use a bicycle instead of going by car.  make litter with paper, cans or bottles.  plant more trees.  feed birds in winter and help them survive in the cold.  save energy. use less electricity and gas. turn off the lights when I leave a room.  clear rubbish from lakes and rivers.  have showers, not baths. Showers use less water. 

destroy wildlife. destroy wildlife. throw away litter into seas and rivers. recycle paper, metal and glass. pollute seas and rivers

Don’t drop litter Reuse glass Use bicycle

Because nothing is forever And nature is getting tired, If we don’t stop and think today, Tomorrow the Earth could die.