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Environmental problems in Severodvinsk

Contents: Background information Air pollution Water pollution Nuclear pollution Possible ways to protect the environment of Severodvinsk for future generations

Background information Severodvinsk Population: 188 539 residents Main industries: shipbuilding (including the production of nuclear submarines), ship-repairing Climate: moderate; long mild winters and short cool summers.

Air pollution The level of air pollution continues to grow. According to recent data, the level of benzopyrene, a harmful toxic substance, which promotes the development of cancer, in the atmosphere of the city is more than 4 times higher than the normal level.

Air pollution Sources of air pollution 1. Shipbuilding and ship-repairing plants

Air pollution Sources of air pollution 2. Combined heat and power plants

Air pollution Sources of air pollution 3. Rapidly increasing number of cars

Water pollution The White sea is now in danger. It is used for dumping industrial and nuclear waste. This poisons and kills fish and sea animals.

Water pollution Some of our northern rivers and lakes are poisoned too. People can’t drink this water or swim in it. It happens because plants pour waste waters into rivers.

Nuclear pollution Severodvinsk is a center of production of nuclear submarines. It also influences the environment of the town and the health of our people. Nuclear pollution cannot be seen but its effects can be terrible.

Severodvinsk should control pollution and save its environment Severodvinsk is to: defend the environmental safety of the residents of the city, promote environmental knowledge among all the segments of the population, support the ecological initiatives of the authorities, oppose ecologically unsafe actions of managers at all the management levels, safe our environment clean for future generations.

What should we personally do to stop environmental problems??? EACH OF US mustn’t dump waste and harmful substances in rivers mustn’t burn rubbish should use a car as rare as possible should protect plants and animals Let’s save the environment of our native town Severodvinsk clean and safe!!!