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Итоговый урок по теме: «Ecological problems» 10 класс


«Ecological problems» Разработан: учителем английского языка высшей категории Е.В.Забориной 10 класс Урок

Цель урока Развитие коммуникативных компетенций средствами английского языка. Повышение мотивации к изучению английского языка средствами информационных технологий.

Задачи урока систематизировать знания по теме урока на уровне понимания, применения, анализа; закрепить в речи Грамматические структуры Present Perfect и Past Perfect в действительном и страдательном залогах; развивать речевые навыки; когнитивная

Задачи урока - развивать внимание, память, языковую догадку; развитие умения обобщать, делать выводы; - развитие интереса, познавательной активности учащихся посредством информационных и коммуникационных технологий; аффективная

Задачи урока - повышение лингвострано- ведческой компетенции; - формировать экологическую грамотность, чувство любви к природе и ответственность за ее сохранение; воспитательная

Оборудование урока компьютер, проектор, экран; листовки по теме «Переработка отходов»; таблички с надписями reporters, specialists;

Список использованной литературы 1. First Certificate Star. L.Prodromou, Oxford, Macmillan, 1998. 2. Prospects. Upper-Intermediate. K.Wilson, J.Taylor, Oxford, Macmillan, 2003. 3. T.V. Pavlova. Russia in closed-up. Moscow, 2000. 4. Интернет-ресурсы.

The Earth Sounds Alarm Help save the only world we’ve got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Q

Mind maps: The environment noun > verb Example: destruction > destroy locate organize protect pollute solve location > organization > protection > pollution > solution >

Mind maps: The environment noun > adjective Example: accident > accidental dangerous ill environmental poisonous silent powerful successful danger > illness > environment > poison > silence > power > success >

Mind maps: The environment verb > noun Example: accuse > accusation campaign design death expansion prevention promotion protest campaign > design > die > expand > prevent > promote > protest >

Decide if each of these sentences should be in the Present Perfect or Past Perfect. Then decide if it should be active or passive. 1.Hundreds of Siberian tigers . . . (kill) in the last twenty years. 2.After the dinosaurs . . . (wipe out), as the result of a catastrophe, mammals were able to flourish. have been killed (Present Perfect Passive) had been wiped out (Past Perfect Passive)

3. Most species of whales . . . (protect) for some years now by an international agreement. 4. In many countries the trees . . . (cut down) because the land was needed for crops. 5. The scientists was amazed to hear that a dodo . . . (see) by a hunter in the depth of the forest because everyone believed they . . . (be) extinct for over a hundred years. (Present Perfect Passive) (Past Perfect Passive, Past Perfect Active) (Present Perfect Passive) have been protested have been cut down had been seen had been

6. Pandas . . . (not see) outside China when Marco Polo arrived there. 7. For centuries before humans arrived, buffalo . . . (roam) the American prairies. 8. The number of giraffes in Africa . . . (fall) dramatically recently. had not been seen (Past Perfect Passive) had roamed (Past Perfect Active) has fallen (Present Perfect Active)




The problems of air pollution in big cities

Sheffield is one of the England’s largest cities. It is an industrial city with lots of plants and factories. For more than a century it was a smoky and dirty city, and the view of chimneys sending smoke and dirt was very characteristic of it.

Today Sheffield is one of the cleanest industrial cities in Europe.

An international organization which campaigns against threats to the environment www.greenpeace.org. e-mail: greenpeace.CSFR@diala.greenpeace.org

GREENPEACE campaigns against

HELP SAVE THE ONLY WORLD WE’VE GOT Tel: 420 2 24 320 448 Fax: 420 2 31 122 89 JOIN US!

RECYCLING means using again

There are two main ways of recycling: you can use things again yourself, or you can take them somewhere so that they can be processed to make something new.

How can we recycle the following? Cans Gift wrapping paper Jars Old clothes Paper

How do you think using computers and e-mails might help? What two things can we do when we go shopping to help recycling?

What do you do to recycle and help environment? What more could you do?

Susan Stevens, environmental campaigner has been involved in environmental campaign since she was a student. Amongst other things, she has campaigned against the production and sale of nuclear weapons, new motorway construction and traffic pollution near schools.

1.When did you first get involved in environmental campaigning? Ten years ago /student / Manchester University. Worked / student newspaper. Local factory / accused / serious air pollution. Interviewed / owner / shocked / attitude. Decided / do more campaigning. Joined / Greenpeace /when / left /university.

1.When did you first get involved in environmental campaigning? Ten years ago, when I was a student at Manchester University. I worked for the student newspaper. A local factory was accused of serious air pollution. I interviewed the owner and I was shocked by his attitude. I decided to do more campaigning and joined Greenpeace when I left university.

What was the most difficult environmental campaign you have been involved with? Campaign against whaling / Norway. Norwegians and the Japanese / ignored / worldwide ban / whaling. The problem / Norway / that local people / unhappy / protestors. We / not welcome.

What was the most difficult environmental campaign you have been involved with? I was involved in the campaign against whaling in Norway. The Norwegians and the Japanese had ignored the worldwide ban on whaling. The problem in Norway was that local people were very unhappy about the protestors. We were not welcome at all.

Is campaigning just a waist of time? No! campaigning / essential! People / don’t know enough / what’s going on. If / don’t campaign / multinational companies / carry on / causing pollution.

Is campaigning just a waist of time? No! campaigning is essential! People don’t know enough about what’s going on. If we don’t campaign, multinational companies will carry on causing pollution.