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Урок по теме «Мой рабочий день»

! Hello! Hello! Hello! How are you? I’m fine! I’m fine! I hope that you are too!

Answer the questions 1 .Name of his friend 2. What coutry is he ) from3.How old is he (she)?  1 Name of his friend   2. What country is he (she) from?   3. How old is he (she)?   4.What languages does he (she) speak?   5. Doеs he ( she) speak English good enough?   6. How can you help Danil?   4.What languages does he (she) speak?   5. Doеs he ( she) speak English good enough?   6. How can you help Danil?  

Name of his friend Kate What country is he (she) from? France How old is he (she)? She is 12 years old What languages does he (she) speak? French and German Doеs he ( she) speak English good enough? How can you help Danil? her English is not good enough. To correct the mistakes and answer the questions

Evaluate your work Listenning ( аудирование) No mistake, 1 mistake excellent 2 mistakes good job 3 mistakes you need more practice Group mark

Our topic is….. My working day

Our aim is… to write the answer to the letter

Our tasks 1. to revise the words, Present Simple and Present Continious 2. to do some exercises 3. to read the letter and correct all the mistakes 4.to answer the questions

Task 1 Let’s revise the words dinner, on computer, the shopping, jogging, to school, a cup of tea, breakfast, up, TV, lunch the words have, go, eat, watch, work, do, get Make pairs!

Let’s check get up go jogging go to school have breakfast have lunch eat dinner watch TV work on computer have a cup of tea work on computer do the shopping

Evaluate your work   Task 1 9-11 words - excellent 7-8 - good job 5-6 -you need more practice Group mark

T ask 2 LET’S revise the RULES We use ………..to describe the action which takes place regularly, every day. For example: I go to school every day. I,you, we, they+V she he, it+ Vs We use ………..to describe the actions which takes place right now. For example: I am listening to the teacher now. to be + V ing

always, is, usually, do, sometimes, often, never, am, now, at the moment, does, today, every day, are, this moment

Let’s check Signal words PRESENT SIMPLE Signal words PRESENT CONTINUOUS to be to do always usually sometimes often never every day now at the moment today I-am he, she, it-is you, we, they-are   I,you, we, they-do he, she, it-does

Evaluate your work Task 1 No mistake - excellent 1 mistake - good job 2 mistakes -you need more practice Group mark

Task 3 Read the e-mails and correct the mistakes

Let’s check In the morning Hello! Have are you? Now I am waiting for my friend and writing a latter to you. I usually get up at 7 o'clock. If it is spring or summer I jump out of bed, run to the window and open it wide to let the fresh morning air in. I clean my teeth and go jogging. Then I have breakfast. . For breakfast I usually have toasted bread, bacon and eggs, tea and some jam. I always go to school at 8.30. I usually have six or seven lessons a day.

In the afternoon Hello! What are you doing now? I am watching TV and writing an email for you. I usually go home at 2 o'clock and take a short rest and I have lunch at 14.30 . After lunch I usually walk and play with my dog. I do my homework at 4 o’clock. It takes me 2 hours. Then I have a cup of tea and play computer games. Sometimes I play football or tennis with my friends.

In the evening Hello! What are you doing now? My parents are reading newspapers. I think it is so boring! My parents usually return home at 18 o'clock. . We always have dinner at 19.00. As usual dinner consists of soup, fish or roast chicken, potatoes, vegetables and dessert. After dinner we go to the living room. Theт we often read books, newspapers and magazines, watch TV, chat with the friends on the phone. Sometimes I do the shopping with my mum. I usually go to bed at 10 o’clock.

Evaluate your work You have corected 5-6 mistakes - excellent 3-4 mistakes 1-2 mistakes - good job -you need more practice

Let’s count How many «excellent» have you got? How many «good» have you got? What was difficult for you?

Evaluate our lesson It was interesting It was boring It was difficult What should we revise again?

Your home task: Write a letter to your friend . Describe your working day!

Thank you for the lesson!