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Урок-презентация по английскому языку по теме «Medicine», 11 класс


The purposes of the lesson 1. To find out what the term «medicine» means 2. To trace the history of medicine 3. To learn to make up a dialogue on the topic and act it out 4. To consider different opinions about medicine in the future

The meaning of the term Medicine is the science of diagnosing, treating or preventing diseases and damage to the body or mind.

History of Medicine There are 3 main stages in medicine development: Medicine of Ancient Civilizations, Medicine of Middle Ages and Modern Medicine

Ancient Civilizations Main characteristics -magic aromatherapy immunization and acupuncture preventive medicine The ethic principles of a physician were summarized by Hippocrates. They are known as Hippocrates Oath.

The Middle Ages Main characteristics foundation of universities discoveries in chemistry, anatomy, biology, others sciences invention of the stethoscope (by Rene Laennec), vaccination for smallpox, discovery of anesthetics and development of immunology and scientific surgery. -the first hospital that appeared in the 15-th century

The first sisters of mercy

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale's Family

The Lady with the Lamp

Florence Nightingale Medal

Thank you for your attention!

Main advances discovery of blood groups and vitamins, invention of insulin and penicillin, practice of plastic surgery and transplantation. Modern medicine

Dialogues «At the doctor's» Work in pairs. Student A is a patient. Student B is a doctor. Make up dialogues using your active vocabulary on the topic “At the doctor’s”. Role-play the situations.

What will the future of healthcare look like? Work in groups. Read the text «What will the future of healthcare look like?» and answer the questions. Use your cards.