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Урок-презентация по английскому языку на тему «My house, my flat»

My house, my flat To the contents

Contents 1. Guess what … 2. Rooms in the house or flat 3. There is… / There are… 4. Prepositions 5. Describing pictures a) a living-room b) a bedroom c) a bathroom d) a kitchen 6. Video 7. Lily’s room.

Guess what… 1. a room with a toilet and a place to wash your hands, and often a bathtub and a shower. 2. the room where people sit or relax but do not usually eat or sleep. 3. a room where food is  prepared and cooked 4. a room with a bed  for sleeping a bathroom a living-room a kitchen a bedroom Forward

Guess what… a bathroom a living-room a kitchen a bedroom o e m h Theme of the lesson

Rooms in the house or flat bedroom bathroom living-room kitchen hall To the rule

There is… / There are… Preposition

Prepositions in the right corner in the left corner - in the middle of the room Describing pictures

A living-room To the bedroom

A bedroom To the bathroom

A bathroom To the kitchen

A kitchen To the video

Video To Lily’s room

Hi! My name is Lily. This is my bedroom. It is small, but cozy. There is a comfortable bed with many pillows there. It is between two windows. In the right corner there are some book shelves with my favorite Russian, English and German books. I love Shakespeare very much, first of all his “Romeo und Julia”… Forward

And this is my kitchen. This is my favorite room in the flat because here I spend my leisure time with pleasure. There is a kitchen table and two chairs in the middle of the room… To the contents