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Презентация «Your Food Is Your Medicine»


Crossword 1. Some people like to drink it with milk

2.It has a lot of vitamin C

3. People usually eat it in the morning, but many children don`t like it at all


Complete the dialogues. Act them out Yes, it`s delicious Do you like ice-cream? No, it`s horrible

Nouns Countable (исчисляемые) tomatoes potatoes Uncountable (неисчисляемые) Не имеют формы множественного числа water, сoffee, sugar Для обозначения их количества используют Jar — банка, кувшин Bottle — бутылка; Piece- кусок, штука; Loaf - буханка, ,Cup- чашка, Bar — плитка; Glass — стакан; Kilo — килограмм; Carton- пак (картонная упаковка); packet-пакет

UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS Cheese Sugar Butter Salt Water Coffee Tea Milk Juice

We use some in affimative To make this dish you need some tomatoes and some olive oil. This is …... coffee, and this is ….. tea I need.......carrots, onions and cabbage Bob likes ….... sugar in his tea. I’ve got ….... apples.

We use any - negative -interrogative We need to go to the supermarket;we haven`t got any eggs Are there any tomatoes in the fridge? I haven’t got ….. bananas. Have you got …... tomatoes?

We use much\ a little with uncountable You put too much sugar in my coffee. It`s very sweet How ….pepper is left? I don`t drink ….. milk? But I should. I think we have ….. milk

We use many \a few with countable We haven`t got many tomatoes. I think we have …. eggs. I think you cooked to …..potatoes. We haven`t got ...apples left. There aren`t ….carrots in the fridge

A: Is there any milk? B:Yes, there`s some milk. A: Is there any sugar? B: Not much A: Are there any tomatoes? B: Not many

Ann bought a bottle of olive oil

Which of the following sentences are tru about British food? 1. The British eat traditional English breakfast every morning? 2. Most British people have a sandwich for lunch 3. Chinese food is very popular in Britain