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Некрасова Екатерина Вадимовна32

Конспект урока и презентация по теме: «Mass Media»

The 6-th of February, Monday

Our aims for today: To revise spelling To learn some new information To improve knowledge about Mass Media To make a journalistic project

[ɔ:] George ought to draw up a short report on this morning’s talk

Correction 1. We are afraid of spiders. 2. It’s too cold here. 3. Their names are Sally and Ann. 4. It’s not fair, mum! 5. Today the weather in nice. 6. She drinks much tea every day. 7. Which of your parents do you feel closer to? 8. Jim is heavier than Sam. 9. It’s cold in winter. 10. You are right. 11. She speaks French very well. 12. We go the beach a lot.

Plan of summery Theme or topic is: IT, economy, politics, school, work… Our audience are…. The main idea of article is….

Reflexion Card 20-17 points = 5 16-14 points = 4 13-10 points = 3 From 9 points = 2