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Theatre and cinema

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  • The play was boring and had a long....
  • Have you got seats ... to the stage? - asked my friend.
  • "Have you bought tickets?" "No, there are tickets only in the .... and in the gallery."
  • "What play is the cast ...today?" - "The comedy 'Don Juan'."
  • This role takes more than just talent, it takes a specific ... to art.
  • The production was so brilliant that there was a storm of ... when the curtain fell.
  • My friend from New York asked me to tell the ... contents of the libretto.
  • In the ..... you can see actors in life and they act right before you.
  • There are a lot of ... of films, e.g. horror, romance, animated, action ond so on.
  • 'Othello' is a good play and it always gets an excellent .... by the audience.
  • The best actors are ... in the performance. I wish you to see this play.
  • The new film was warmly ... by the cinema-goers.