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Экскурсия по Москве

Moscow virtual trip

Moscow is the capital of Russia The President V.V.Putin Moscow is so huge that it has the right to be the country. It’s official population is 12 million (2015), and it’s in TOP 10 most populous cities in the world. This is the population of Norway and Switzerland combined. Moscow is located in Russia's Central Federal District along the Moskva River and covers an area of 417.4 square miles (9,771 sq km). Moscow is considered one of the largest economies in Europe and its main industries include chemicals, food, textiles, energy production, software development and furniture manufacturing. The city is also home to some of the world's largest companies.

History of Moscow 1147 - The first mention in the Historical Chronicles. 1328 - Moscow became the capital city of the Great Moscow Principality and of all Russian Lands. 1612 - A people volunteers' corps under the commandment of Minin and Pozharsky liberated Moscow from the Polish invaders. 1713 - Under the reign of Peter I the capital city of Russia was moved from Moscow to Petersburg  1755 - The first Russian university called Moscow University (MSU now) was founded. 1812 - The Patriotic War with Napoleon. Big fires in Moscow. During that fire almost all the buildings were destroyed and few ancient buildings keep intact. 1918 - On the 12th of March the city of Moscow became the capital of the Soviet Russia. 1935 - The first line of Moscow Metro was opened and put into operation.  1941 - Defeat of the German forces in the battle of Moscow  1980 - Organization and carrying out of the XXII Olympic Games.  1991 - In august 21 there was a small revolution set in Moscow. The government was changed and there had been tanks for several days in the centrum of Moscow. At this time the Soviet Union was over, but it was a strange time for some period.  2006 - High from all the oil and gas money Moscow proudly becomes the most expensive city in the world. 

Places of Interest The Kremlin Red Square

Mausoleum Mausoleum The History Museum

The Museum of Cosmonautics The Museum of Cosmonautics The Museum of Great Patriotic War

Bolshoi Theatre Bolshoi Theatre Ostankino Tower

Chystie Prudy (Clean Ponds) Chystie Prudy (Clean Ponds) The Patriarch’s Pond

Gorky Park Gorky Park Seven Sisters

Moscow-City Moscow-City Moscow Zoo

Metro Map Metro Map Metro Station

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1. The Moscow State Circus has been in existence for two hundred years 2. Every day over 9 MILLION passengers ride the Metro, Moscow's vast underground subway system. In a single day, an average of 9915 trains operate between 5am — 1am. 3. Kremlin of Moscow is the world  biggest medieval fortress built in XIV-XV centuries True True True

4. The millionth citizen of Moscow was born in 2000. The millionth citizen of Moscow was born in 1897. 5. Moscow State University is the world’s largest university building in the world. 6. On June 29, 1904 Moscow experienced a real tornado, that destroyed several nearby villages (present-day Moscow), and broke the centuries-old trees in the area of ​​Sokolniki. True True False

7. Lenin’s Library is the smallest in Europe. Lenin Library is the largest in Europe, with its 43 million objects storage (maps, sheet music, sound recordings, rare books, dissertations, newspapers). 8. Ostankino TV Tower is the highest tower in Europe with an overall height of 540 m. 9. Moscow actually has more billionaires living in the area than any other city in the world. With a total of 74 billionaires, Moscow beats New York City's statistic by three. True True False

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Moscow was founded in ____ by ____ . There are ____ buildings of the same high in Moscow. Population of Moscow is over ---- billions people. --- is the main square of Moscow. M.Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita” first scene opens at ___. ___ is one of the world’s biggest opera and ballet theaters.

personality tour Step 3

1. During his board St. Petersburg became the capital of Russia. D. Peter the Great 2. Poet and the founder of modern Russian literature. E. A. Pushkin 3. He became widely known for his unique singing style and for his lyrics, which featured social and political commentary in often humorous street jargon. A. V.Vysotsky 4. His nomination to the Foreign Minister's office was approved by two Russian presidents, in 2008 by Dmitry Medvedev and in 2012 by Vladimir Putin. B. S. Lavrov 5. He has served as Mayor of Moscow from October 2010 to 5 July 2013, and was re-elected Mayor on September 2013 city election. F. S. Sobyanin 6. Under his rule, the concept of "Socialism in One Country" became a central tenet of Soviet society C. I.V. Stalin

Answers 1 D 2 E 3 A 4 B 5 F 6 C

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              11                                                                                 12                                                               18       16                           5                   15         2           13                                   3                                   1                                                                                                     6           17                   4                                                                                   9                                                                                       14                 8                                                                           7                                                                                           10                                                                             see answers

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              11                                           k                                     12 c i r c u s                                     e             18       16                     m     5       r       l   15         2       l   13 p l a n e t a r i u m         z   3   i     a       d       b   a     1 c o s m o n a u t i c s         r   u         o   a         r               a   s             t     6 c i t y   17 s p a r r o w     4 g o r k y     o               y   l             y         t                   e   9 m e t r o         i                   u             s         c                   m   14 b o l s h o i   8                                   k       a                               7 g a l l e r y                                         b                                   10 o s t a n k i n o                                 t                        

List of sources: 1. Description of places of interest: http://kudamoscow.ru/place/ 2. Some facts about Moscow: http://www.anothercity.ru/ The PowerPoint presentation is made by Darya Sakhno, English teacher. Moscow, 2015.