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Презентация «Modern Inventions. Telephone»

Mobile phone Made by : Ryabckova, Dudar’, Belova, Suleymanova

We can’t live without MODERN gagets

Natasha It saves a lot of time. It is possible to find quickly any information and get any entertainment from games. You can watch your favourite movie.

Yulya I think this is the most useful invention that I can imagine . It’s fantastic to be able to call friends everywhere. I’m excited about this bit of technology.

What is better MOBILE PHONE You can call everywhere You can listen to music, watch video, play game EVERYWHERE INTERNET You can see your friend during calling You can find different music, videos and games in the Internet

Modern telephones can replace YOU CAN GO IN THE INTERNET USING MOBILE! Computer Camera Telephone Notebook Calculator Calendar

History of telephone In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell, an American engineer, invented telephone. In 1973, was released the first prototype of a portable cell-phone - Motorola DynaTAC.