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Презентация «Comedies»

Comedies made by Kabanova Nadya Rumina Lera

About genre: - They are stuffed with events . They teach you to laugh and treat life with humor. They are magnificent, impressive and outstanding genre. They have funny situations. They teach you to be positive. They are about funny life, different people.

About genre: This is a genre where habitual actions and situations imbued comic or depicted in funny shapes.

«+» They are funny Your mind is high Deliver positive emotions Easy to understand «-» Stupid ending Monsensical plot They don’t teach anything

Top 5: 5 place: «Problem child»

Top 5: 5 place: Ben Healy ( John Ritter ) and his wife, Flo , tending to break into high society , adopt Junior , charming and funny creature seven years . Soon, however, they make sure that their adopted son - a little monster that manages to turn camping holiday , holiday birthday and even a baseball game into a true nightmare. Although very funny . But maybe Junior - actually angel , trying in this way to attract attention ? Find the answer in this hilarious picture , satirically depicting modern family life.

Top 5: «Оne at home» 4 place:

Top 5: American family is sent from Chicago to Europe, but in the rush fees stupid parents forget home ... one of their children. Young creature, however, is not lost and demonstrates the wonders of ingenuity. And when the house robbers climb, they have no time to regret meeting with sweet crumbs. «Оne at home»

Top 5: 3 place: «Сops in skirts»

Top 5: 3 place: FBI agents and Boston police power of attorney responsible task: get on the trail of ruthless drug lord and neutralize. «Сops in skirts»

Top 5: «Nanny» 2 place:

The owner of the transport company threatened, hinting at two nephews - twins, orphaned and living with him. And then he hires two brothers reckless strokes as bodyguards. Juvenile nephew give a light nannies, inventing ever new dirty tricks. But Peter and David barehanded take: in the end, they find a common language with young robbers. Two overage shalopaya find their reflection in the mirror of two young pranksters. Top 5: 2 place: «Nanny»

Top 5: Two newly-Mount police are sent on a top-secret mission. They will again be high school students, in which the drug trade is thriving. 1 place: «Macho and Nerdy»

Top 5: 1 place: «Macho and Nerdy»