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Презентация к уроку «Having a job interview»

Having an interview (speaking+listening)

Here are some advice how to behave. Read and try to guess What are we going to speak about? Get to the interview on time. Wear suitable clothes. Answer questions as briefly as possible. Take your CV What is the most important advice? What could you advise?

What should we speak about ? personal details job experience education skills hobby Check your CV (homework). Have you got all information? What questions could we be asked?

job, experience Good morning. I’m ….. the manager of… Please, sit down. What job are you interested? Have you ever worked as….. Hello, how do you do? (May I sit down) I’m interested in a job of…… 1) No, I have never worked… 2) I worked as… in…

personal details Let’s have a look at details. What is your name? What is your address? When were you born? Are you married? My name is…. ……street, …..city I was born on the…..of….in…. 1) Yes, I’m married 2) No, I’m single 3) No, I’m divorced

Education, skills, hobby What is your education? Can you speak any foreign languages? Why do you want this job? What is your hobby? I finished… 1) Yes, English fluently 2) Yes,… with dictionary 1) I like …….ing 2) I have……..skills 3) I can be useful I like…..

Speaking+listening role game Speaking (work in pairs) Prepare a role interview using your CV and the plan Listening the interviews and fill the table (individual work) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

№ personal details job experience education skills hobby MARK for speaking

Are you ready to a job interview?

Homework Preparation for a survey Jobs around us Think of the questions of your survey