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Презентация к уроку «In the country and in the city PPT»

In The City And In The Country

We are going to speak English to read in English to write English words to listen to English texts

Phonetic Activities Read these words: garden field road cow hill bridge apple tree park sheep horse river city country street

Lexical Activities What is it? – It’s ….

Lexical Activities What is it? – It’s ….

Check yourself 1) a) street b) field c) garden d) city 2) a) bridge b) road c) hill d) park 0 – 1 mistake “5” 2 – 3 mistakes “4” 4 mistakes “3” 5 and more mistakes “2”

Listening Comprehension 1) Listen to the texts. Match the name and the place. Misha Ann Oliver a) b) c)

Check yourself 2) Listen to the texts. Say TRUE or FALSE 1. True 2. False 3. True 4. True 5. False 6. True 0 – 1 mistake “5” 2 – 3 mistakes “4” 4 mistakes “3” 5 and more mistakes “2”

Learn to speak English. Describe the pictures. There is … There are …

Reading page 36 Ex. 9 in textbooks Translate some sentences from the text: The capital of Great Britain is London. There are many new and old houses and bridges in London. You can also see many interesting towns in G B, like Oxford, Cambridge and others.

Workbook: page 22. Ex. 5 Напиши письмо Алексу. Расскажи ему о городе, в котором ты живешь. Dear Alex, My name is _____. I am from Russia, Klintsy. My town is not very big, but it is nice. There are many new and old houses in Klintsy. The streets are long. There are many people and cars in the streets. You can see many trees and flowers in my town. Come and see me. Best wishes, _______

Making a conclusion. Hometask: рage 22 Ex. 5 in workbooks