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Урок- презентация «Повторение лексики и грамматики «Happy Family»» в 10 классе с применением системы PROClass

Повторение лексики и грамматики «Happy Family» в 10 классе с применением системы PROClass (УМК М.З.Биболетова). Учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ им.И.Ф. Самаркина с. Новая Кармала Кудашова Л.Е.

Task №1. Find the English equivalent of the phrase дружная семья ? А. a united family B. a close family C. a happy family D. a friendly family

Task № 2. Task № 2. Match the word “relatives” and descriptions. A. parents and children living together  B. a group of people having common interests C. a group of people D. persons connected by blood or marriage.

Task № 3. Family ties means ______ . A. a piece of string, cord B. close relationships based on law C. a relationship between two things or situations D. the formal union of a man and a woman

Task № 4. A marriage based on the mutual love of the couple rather than social or financial considerations is called A. a marriage of love B. a defect C. marriage of convenience D. unequal marriage

Task №5. Translate the word combination (common ideas ). А. брак по любви B. вести хозяйство C. дружная семья D.общие мысли

Task № 6. Match the word combination “family ties ” and descriptions A. to be healthy and slim B. to bring things together C. to make photos D. to have a strong family

Task № 7. Choose the right preposition. His parents take care ____ children A. at B. of C. for D. after

Task № 8. Choose the opposite word combination to “marriage of love " A. marriage of convenience B. to receive friends C. to open the door D. to find friends

Task № 9. Find the unnecessary word. A. lesson B. teacher C. blackboard D. relatives

Task № 10. Mark the noun with which we can use the adjective friendly hospital plant expedition family

Task №11. Mark the right translation of the word combination «знать о своих предках». A. Don’t help me. B. I am going to be a vet. C. To know about one’s ancestors. D. He usually reads detective stories.

Task №12. Choose the appropriate word combination I______very often. A. receive friends B. have dinner C. get education D. Plaiing computer

Task №13. Choose the right prepositions: __generation__generation A. at…of B. from…to C. a…in D. at… as

Put the appropriate word in the sentence. In the evening we like to discuss everyday ___________ Task №14. affairs work doings life

Task №17. Task №17. The head of the family means – a person who owns or rents a house a man in relation to his natural child or children a family member, who has a leadership position the chief or leader of a community or tribe  

Task №18. Task №18. Select the word expressing the general meaning do washing to keep the house to cook and clean do shopping

Task №19. Сhoose the right variant ancestors ancectors ansestors ancesters