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Учебно-дидактический материал «Final Consolidation Game - Spotlight 5»

My Game – Spotlight 5

School Home Family My day Special Days Seasons

School , 100 Name the subject (lesson) where you play sports.

Home, 100 kitchen Spell the word «кухня» in English.

Family, 100 Name 6 words over the topic “Family”!

My day, 100 evening Spell the word «вечер» in English.

Special Days, 100 Thanksgiving Day What celebration is it?

Seasons, 100 autumn Spell the word «осень» in English.

School , 200 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday On what days of the week do you have English classes?

Home, 200 Surprise!

Family, 200 Your mother’s sister is your…

My day, 200 Name the jobs!  

Special Days, 200 It’s running dictation Surprise!

Seasons, 200 Name the months of the year starting with January.

School , 300 14 How many teachers have you got in the 5th form?

Home, 300 Look at the picture and fill in the gaps in the text.

Family, 300 moustache Spell the word «усы» in English.

My Day, 300 What do you do after lunch? (Name 3 things)

Special Days, 300 Long noodles mean long life. People in China eat noodles at their birthday parties. What does it symbolize?

Seasons, 300 What can children do in winter? (Name 4 activities)

School , 400 Science Listen and say what lesson Markus and David are going to.

Home, 400 blue Listen and say: What is the favourite colour of the son?

Family, 400 Prince William His father is Prince Charles, his grandmother is the English Queen, Elizabeth II.

My Day, 400 Match the pictures with the sentences.

Special Days, 400 Maslenitsa Spring festival in Russia

Seasons, 400 Name items of clothing! Which team knows more words?

School , 500 Primary school, Secondary school, Sixth form college, University What types of schools are there in Great Britain?

Home, 500 Wood What material were old Karelian house made of?

Family, 500 What does she look like?

My Day, 500 penny, pence, pound Name the coins of Great Britain! 

Special Days, 500 Listen and find mistakes.

Seasons, 500 Listen and fill in the gaps in the song! 

Thank you for your work! Thank you for your work!