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Разработка игры «These Funny Animals»

The most Body parts Other names Amazing facts Everything about anything

The most, 100 an ostrich This is the biggest bird in the world.

Body parts, 100 Kangaroo This Australian animal has a special body part – a bag – to carry its little children there.

Other names, 100 Panther This animal is sometimes called “a black leopard”.

Amazing facts, 100 Yes, they have 22 teeth! Do mosquitoes have teeth?

Everything about anything, 100 Koala This animal doesn’t drink water. It gets liquid from the leaves of the trees where it lives.

The most , 200 Gorilla This is the biggest monkey.

Body parts, 200 On the legs Some insects use their body parts in unusual ways. A grasshopper has ears on this part of its body.

Other names, 200 , The name of this animal came from the Arabic word “zarafa” and is translated as “beautiful”. Giraffe

Amazing facts, 200 Polar bear This big animal lives in far north. Its fur is white, but its skin is black! It helps these animals to keep warm in cold weather.

Everything about anything, 200 Kiwi bird This bird from New Zealand looks like a furry ball on the legs. Its feathers look like fur. It has very short wings. There is a fruit with the same name.

The most, 300 Cheetah This is the fastest runner among the animals

Body parts, 300 Their legs Elephants have big ears, but they use other body part to hear better. What do they use to hear sounds at great distances?

Other names, 300 Camel Arabian people use more than 100 words to name this big animal, because it is very important in their lives.

Amazing facts, 300 3 seconds A goldfish has a very bad memory! For how long does it remember things?

Everything about anything, 300 Ants! – These insects are very hard-working. They organize big houses under the trees in the forest. They work and work all days long. And they NEVER sleep!

The most, 400 Raven This bird lives the longest life

Body parts, 400 To taste food Butterflies use their legs to do this task. What for?

Other names, 400 Zebra This animal gives its name to some traffic sign – black and white stripes on the roads.

Amazing facts, 400 The ostrich puzzle

Everything about anything, 400 Ostriches Emu These Australian birds make very unusual families. Their women (female) organize fights for men (male) birds. Men sit on the eggs and bring up their kids. They can even kill anyone who is dangerous for their children.

The most, 500 King cobra This is the most dangerous snake in the world.

Body parts, 500 Teeth This part of hare’s and rabbit’s body grows bigger and bigger day by day.

Other names, 500 Find the animals!

Amazing facts, 500 It can sleep while flying! Albatross can do it while flying at speed of 40 km/h!

Everything about anything, 500 Thanksgiving day 1) How many legs has a spider got? 2) Can elephants swim? 3) Can tigers be white? 4) Is koala a bear? 5) Is zebra a white animal with black stripes or a black animal with white stripes?