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Жила Людмила Ивановна684
Россия, Смоленская обл., Сафоново

Презентация «Мое любимое животное»

муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №4» г. Сафоново Смоленской области Презентация по английскому языку на тему «Мое любимое животное» Работу выполнила ученица 6 класса Товмасян Карина Учитель : Жила Людмила Ивановна

Hello. My name is Karina. I am from Russia, from Safonovo. I am 12 and I am in the 6 form. I am interested in many things. But most of all I like animals. My favorite animal is one of the favorite animals of the Queen Elizabeth. Can you guess what is it?

It is a horse.

I like horses because they are very beautiful and kind. There are many horses of different breeds and colors, domestic and wild.

Horses like to eat oats and hay in winter and green grass in summer. Also horses are happy to eat fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots. And I know that they like rye crackers.

As for me, from my childhood I wanted to ride a horse. So when I was 3 I sat on a horseback for the first time.

When I was 11 I went to a horse-racing school.

There we learn not only how to ride a horse ,but also how to care for them properly.

I like to read books and magazines about my favorite animal.

And now I have my own thematic collection dedicated to this remarkable animals.

I love horses very much and I want to devote a part of my life to these noble animals.

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