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Презентация к уроку в 10 классе на тему «Паралимпийские игры»

Paralympic Games Долгова Е.В., учитель англ.языка МБОУ СОШ №19

‘‘With glowing hearts’’

Paralympic Games athletic competition for people with disabilities: amputees, impaired vision, cerebral palsy

Paralympic Games The Paralympic Games originated in 1948 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in England. The inspiration behind the Paralympics came from Ludwig Guttman, a Jewish neurologist.

Paralympic Games In 1960 the first official Paralympic Games took place in Rome, Italy. Winter Paralympics were first held in 1976 in Sweden.

London will host the next Paralympic Games in 2012

Paralympic Medal Sports Track events at the Summer Paralympics include the 100-meter, 200-meter,400-meter etc. Other sports include basketball, bowling, cycling, fencing, goal ball, judo, swimming, table tennis, volleyball, wheelchair rugby.

Winter Paralympics include Alpine and Nordic skiing, ice-sledge hockey, ice-sledge racing and biathlon.

The symbol of Paralympic games is Aghitos

Olympic and Paralympic values Courage Determination Inspiration Equality Inspiration Friendship

Paralympic champions Irec Zaripov A.Burmistrova T. Iliouchenco K.Sosunov and E.Shilyaeva

Listening the text

Task 1 a a regime c skills e to follow b an injury d a goal f promising a)1. This new job demanded new _______ 2. All professional sportsmen follow a strict _____ 3. I was going to achieve that ________ 4. The man got many __________ in the accident. 5. Antony was a ______________ sportsman. 6. You have _________the instructions of your coaches.     skills . regime . goal. injuries promising to follow

Task 2 1). Antony was a successful at the Olympiad because 1. it was pure luck 2. the judge helped him 3. he put much effort into his victory 2). Antony is sure that the key thing in professional career is 1. discipline and skills 2. your desire to be a professional sportsman 3. following all the instructions 3).A professional sport is something that 1. makes your healthy 2. you shouldn’t do if you want to stay healthy 3. is very entertaining  

4). The young man has become a good trainer because 4). The young man has become a good trainer because 1. he used to be a student himself 2. he knows what the discipline is about 3.  he knows how to be strict 5). Antony didn’t want to advertise anything because 1. he didn’t want to be responsible 2. he didn’t want to take part in commercial things 3. there would be a lot of attention from journalists 6). When Antony started to do skating professionally he 1. didn’t suspect how dangerous it was 2. knew very little about this career 3. knew that this profession was risky  

Paralympic talismans Пекин2008 Афины2004 Турин2006 Ванкувер2010 Солт-Лейк-Сити2002 Лондон2012

Olympic talismans Olympic talismans Paralympic talismans The Leopard The Polar Bear Zaya The Snowflake The Ray

P A R A L Y M P I C G A M E S r e s i d e n t g h i t o s e s p e c t t h l e t i c s o n d o n e l l o w a n d e v i l l e a r a p l e g h i c c e - s l e d g e h o c k e y o u r a g e u t t m a n n l p i n e s k i i n g e d a l q u a l i t y w e d e n 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15