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10 20 30 40 50 10 20 30 40 50 10 20 30 40 50 10 20 30 40 50 10 20 30 40 50 Sport in russia Sport games Sport in america Sport in Great britain The olympic games

What football team in Russia got the champion title of the country ten times? Sport in russia It is “Spartak” 10

When were the Olympic Games held in Russia? Sport in russia In 1980 20

He is a three-time champion of the Olympic Games, a nine-time world champion, an eleven –time champion of Europe in Greco-Roman wrestling. Sport in russia He is Alexander Karelin 30

What was the score of the football match between the national teams of Russia and France which was held in France in 1999? Sport in russia The score was 3 to 2 in favour of Russia 40

His achievements are fantastic . More than 20 times he renewed his own records. He is the world and the Olympic champion and the world record-breaker in pole-vault. Sport in russia He is Sergei Bubka 50

Why are swimming, boating and sailing are popular in Britain? Sport in Great britain 10 Swimming, boating and sailing are popular in Britain because Great Britain is an island state. There are many rivers and lakes in the country. The climate is mild.

This kind of sport began to develop in Scotland and now it is widely spread all over Britain. НОМИНАЦИЯ 20 It was gulf

What kind of British sports existed even in the Saxon times? Sport in Great britain 30 It was boxing

What game did the 1st settlers play on the board of the “Mayflower” in 1620? Sport in Great britain 40 The first settlers played darts on the board of the “Mayflower” in 1620.

Why are the British not very much interested in skiing and skating? Sport in Great britain 50 The climate is mild in Britain . There is not much snow on the ground in winter. Snow melts quickly.

What is the American equivalent for the word “athletic”? Sport in america 10 The American equivalent for the word “athletic” is “track-and-field”

What is the most popular sport in the USA? Sport in america 20 The most popular sport in the USA is the American football.

It is a game between two teams and is played on a field with a bat and a small white ball. Each team consists of nine players. Sport in america 30 It is baseball

This game is played on a court with a large orange ball. There are five players in each team. The players can throw and pass the ball to each other. The team with the most quantity of points wins. Sport in america 40 It’s basketball

This game is very similar to baseball , but it is played with a larger ball . It is a popular sport among American women and co-ed (combined men and women ) teams. Sport in america 50 It’s softball

Where did the Olympic Games begin? THE OLYMPIC GAMES 10 The Olympic Games began in ancient Greece

How often are the Olympic Games held? THE OLYMPIC GAMES 20 The Olympic Games are held every fourth year

What committee organizes the Olympic Games? THE OLYMPIC GAMES 30 The International Olympic Committee organizes the Olympic Games.

In what city were the 1st modern Olympic Games held? THE OLYMPIC GAMES 40 The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens

Where is the International Olympic Committee situated ? THE OLYMPIC GAMES 50 The International Olympic Committee is situated in Lausanne , Switzerland.

Name the game played between two teams of eleven players who kick a ball around a field trying to score the goal. SPORT GAMES 10 It’s football

People played this game in England as early as 1550 SPORT GAMES 20 It’s cricket

This game is played by two teams of 6 players each on an ice field SPORT GAMES 30 It’s ice hockey

It is a game of two players. Each of them starts with sixteen different playing pieces to move on a board. The aim is to move your pieces so that your opponent’s king will be taken. SPORT GAMES 40 It’s chess

This game was first played in England in 1872 and the first championship at Wimbledon was in 1877. SPORT GAMES 50 It’s tennis or lawn tennis

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