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Открытый урок с использованием ИКТ-технологии по теме «Выбор профессии»

Презентация к открытому уроку «Choosing a profession»

I want to be Some people often say to mе: "Have уоu decided what уоu want to bе?" I usually answer, "I don't know," But it isn't really so. I want to win аn Olympic race, I want to see the Earth from space, I want to travel to Katmandu I want to bе rich and famous, too. I want to bе оn Hollywood's screen, I want to invent а new machine, I want to bе very clever and wise, I want to win the Nobel prize.

Every man is a blacksmith of his fortune. - A proverb:

Всякий человек своему счастью кузнец. Всякий человек своему счастью кузнец.

Name different professions :

Word building Suffixes of some professions -ist, -er,-or teach +er =teacher

То teach То work Economy Football To drive To build To save То direct То act Bank To report To design To write Law Science teacher, worker, economist, footballer driver, builder, saver, director, actor/actress, banker, reporter, designer, writer, lawyer, scientist.

Who does what? Match each job with its description. Detective Secretary Stewardess Postman Reporter Teacher Architect Carpenter Cobbler Dentist Explorer Novelist Photographer Plumber Works in a school Writes articles for a newspaper Types letters and answers the phone Works for police Brings letters to your home Brings food for the passengers in a plane Designs buildings Fills and extracts teeth Investigates crimes Travels in order to make discoveries Works in wood Writes novels Takes photos Repairs water pipes Repairs boots and shoes

Self-assessment 14-12 11-9 8-6 Less than 5 5 4 3 2

The top paying professions are accountant, dentist and IT specialist. Listen to the three persons describing their professions. 1) Guess which of them is a dentist, which one is an IT specialist and which one is an accountant. 2) What qualities and skills do they name? Software – компьютерные программы, программное обеспечение, Confidence – доверие; уверенность, Pain – боль, Firm – фирма, Salary – зарплата, Numbers – цифры; числа, To achieve – достигать, добиваться, Patience – терпение, Cooperative – кооперативный.

Factors which are taken into account when we choose a job Job satisfaction Money Personal qualities and abilities Position (Status) Benefits Companionship Promotional prospect Travel 9. The influence of other people

Talk about the job you are interested in. Say: - -why you are interested in this job, -what skills and qualities you have - which factors are taken into account.