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Урок «Транспорт и путешествия»

Take a bus or take a train, Take a boat or take a plane, Take a taxi, take a car, Maybe near or maybe far, Take a rocket to the moon, But be sure to come back soon.


a train

a plane

a bicycle


a horse

a van

a ship

a motorcycle

a bus

a hot-air balloon

a car

a boat

Worksheet № 1.   Name: ______________________________   Say if the statements are true(T), false(F) or not mentioned(NM). Daniel is a student from Britain. Alexander is 13. Daniel went on a tour round the world. He went to Yakutsk by hot-air balloon. They went by boat down the great river. The weather was wonderful. They travelled on foot all the way long. Bus couldn’t go through the narrow paths. Tourists saw a lot of wild animals. Daniel’s travelling was exciting. He is going to come back next year. Siberia is worth visiting.

Worksheet № 2.   Choose and divide the adjectives into two groups according to advantages and disadvantages of your transport. Boring, dangerous, cheap, expensive, interesting, fast, slow, safe, good, bad, noisy, quiet, clean, comfortable, entertaining, enjoyable, exciting. + -