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Урок английского языка в 9 классе «Travelling to Great Britain» «Путешествие в Великобританию»

Rules of table manners Wash your hands before coming to table. Take your napkin and put it on your lap. Keep it there during the meal and use it to wipe your hands or mouth whenever necessary. When eating take as much as you want, but eat as much as you take. Don’t eat too fast or too slowly, cut up your food as you eat. In America they invite others to table to “Enjoy”, Germans say “GutenAppetit”, the Spanish say “Buena Appetito”. The British say nothing.

Rulers of table manners Sit up straight, face the table while eating and keep your elbows off the table. Ask the people around you to pass things that are out of your reach, then thank them. It’s not polite to leave a spoon in a tea cup. Put your spoon on a saucer. When refusing a dish simply say: “No, thank you.” When accepting, “Yes, please.” If you sneeze or cough while you are at table, turn your head away from the food and cover your mouth.

Rulers of table manners Try not to stuff your mouth full of food. Also avoid talking when you have something in your mouth. Don’t eat from your knife. Never read while eating. Hands should be kept in your lap when you are not eating. Before you leave the table remember to thank the person who was kind enough to prepare your food.

The first day of travelling is nearing its end. 3 2 1 4