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Урок-инсценировка по теме «Жуль Верн. Вокруг света за 80 дней»

Тема урока: Жуль Верн. Вокруг света за 80 дней

Jules Verne

Jules Verne (1828-1905) was born in Nantes, France. An author and pioneer of science-fiction, Verne is famous for his adventure stories about space, air and underwater travel.

His works include Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1864) , From the Earth to the Moon (1865) and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (1870). His most famous novel, however, is Around the World in Eighty Days(1873 in which Phileas Fogg accepts a bet worth 20,000 pounds from friends.

Phileas Fogg accepts a bet worth 20,000 pounds from friends. In order to win the bet, he must travel around the world in only eighty days. The story tells of his adventures with Passepartout, his valet, as they travel around the world.

1. Complete the collocations 1.Stout (крепкий) 2.Quiet (тихий) 3.Native (родной) 4.Bark (кора) 5.Bare (босой) 6.First-class (первый класс)

2. Complete sentences 1-6 1 Tears ______ in her eyes as Jenny left. 2 At the end of the lesson the students _______their projects to the teacher. 3 Unfortunately, the suitcases _____ him down as he tried to run for the train. 4 When the judge gave him ten years in prison, the burglar ______for mercy. 5 The thief ______ the jewellery into his pockets and walked calmly out of the shop. 6 She ________ into her favourite armchair in front of the fire to read a book.

Ex. 4 (b) p. 89 Find words in the text which mean “said” 1. answer 2. plead 3. ask Отвечать Умолять Спрашивать

Answer the questions What character do you like the most? Did you enjoy this activity? Do you want to read continuation?

Home work Ex. 6 (b) p.89 Write a possible final paragraph of the book