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Дружинина Елена Вячеславовна54
Россия, Хабаровский край, Комсомольск-на-Амуре

Урок в 7 классе «Путешествие по России»

“The family meal” What is a tradition? Why do people need traditions? TRADITION is the handing down of beliefs, legends and customs from generation to generation, esp. by word of mouth or by practice.

1. In the last century the family meal in Russia might have been more formal than nowadays. 2. Children may have been more obedient. - What is the function of “may” and “might” in these sentences? - What time do they refer to? - What do the verb forms have in common?

MAY and MIGHT. 1. “May” and “Might” express probability. 2. They refer to the past. 3. They are followed by perfect infinitive.

Make up the sentences! - There / be / lots of servants who served meals. - Parents / be / very strict with their children during meals. - Food / be / a lot healthier/ - Children / ask / permission to leave the table. - Servants / eat / in the kitchen.

Match the speakers with their opinions! Susie thinks that… A family meal is a part of a child’s education Roger is sure that… Both children and parents may misunderstand each other during the meal. Nick’s opinion is… A child may feel happy during the meal. Bell realizes that… Children should follow a set of rules at the table.

1. Place 1. Place 2.Strange 3. Part 4. So 5. Last 6. Take 7. From 8. Lucky 9. Up 10. Round 12. From 13. Agreed 14. Nevertheless 15. As a result