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Урок–квест по английскому языку «An unusual trip to England»

An unusual trip to The united kingdom of Great britain and northern ireland

Her majesty Elizabeth ii

Task i ‘’’’ + ot + scotland

Task ii st.patricks cathedral B) Loch ness C) The london eye D) snowdonia

Task iii – good evening! How can I help you? - go to the famous waxworks museum madam tussaud’s - hello! - we are looking for the crown jewels. C – a – d - b

The united kingdom of Great Britain and northern Ireland Task iv

Task v 1 2 3 4 5

Task v P A B L B E A O O T N L K R T H A M S E F N E S S Y

Task vI Westminster ______ is one of the most famous and beautiful ______ in ______. It is very old too. It is more than 900 years old. There are so many monuments and statues there. Many English ______ and queens are buried there. ______ Abbey is famous for the Poet’s Corner too. O W R E T

The Tower of london