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Урок английского языка на тему «Eating Habits. Junk Food»

Eating Habits. Junk Food.

Healthy or unhealthy?

hamburgers hamburgers crisps chocolate bars hot dogs pizzas high in calories lacking in nutrition high in saturated fat great risk of cancer gaining weight heart and liver diseases CAUSE SIDE EFFECTS

Why do we eat junk food? lack of time loss of tradition lack of money

Our choice is HEALTHY food BECAUSE it is rich in vitamins it is rich in minerals

… is a typical … dish pudding

… is a typical … dish

… is a typical … dish

… is a typical … dish

… is a typical … dish pilau

… is a typical … dish vak balish

… is a typical … dish sushi

… is a typical … dish baklava

What do the stars like to eat and drink? Demi Moore Helen Hunt Eddie Murphy Whoopi Goldberg Bill Murrey Mickey Rourke bacon sandwiches fried chicken watermelon (without seeds) turkey sandwiches carrot juice poached eggs

FOOD Vocabulary Practice http://www.expandyourvocabulary.com/food1/menu.php

Talking points Reasons for the popularity of junk food Dangers of eating junk food Positive effects of eating healthy food

What kind of diet do you have? Answer the following questions (Yes/No) concerning eating habits. 1. Do you often eat fresh food? 2. Do you eat red meat more than twice a week? 3. Do you usually eat a large meal before you go to bed? 4. Do you eat salted snacks? 5. Do you have fresh vegetables with your meals less than three times a week? 6. Would you rather eat out instead of at home? 7. Do you always add salt to your food at the table? 8. Do you prefer butter to olive oil?

Score: 7-8 Yes – very unhealthy diet – be careful! 5-6 Yes – fairly healthy diet. 3-4 Yes – quite healthy diet. 1-2 Yes – very healthy diet