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Технологическая карта урока по теме: «Путешествие», 5 класс

Modern life is impossible without travelling

Heathrow airport

Travelling Phonetic drill Warming-up Vocabulary practice Speaking (a role–play) Use of Grammar Present Perfect Tense Doing tasks

Active Vocabulary A fast train a slow train information a traveller a camera passport control an arrival a departure check –in the customs a booking office to book a custom officer fare a window seat an aisle seat suitcase baggage/luggage boarding pass carry-on bag

Which is the fastest way of travelling? Which is the fastest way of travelling? Which is the most comfortable? Which is the most expensive way of travelling? Which one is the most interesting? How do like to travel? Answer these questions

Let’s do some exercises for your eyes!

Have } + V ed, V3 Has The Present Perfect Tense

Fill in the missing verbs Think ------- --------- ------ drank --------- Sit -------- ---------- Have --------- ----------- -------- heard ----------- -------- ------- lost -------- slept --------- Say ------- --------- -------- -------- given Tell -------- ------- -------- came -------

What has Susan already done? 1. Buy the ticket to Boston. 2. Take the books to the library. 3. Make lunch. 4. Write a letter to Granny. 5. Give a call to Betty. 6. Read the novel up to the end.

Fill in the suitable words 1. He ….. just ……. (to get up). 2. My sister ........never ……………….(to be) to Paris. 3. They ……. already ………… (to play) chess. 4. I ……………… a video film lately (to watch). 5. Bill ……………….(to buy) a new car today. 6. We ……………….(to do) our homework.

1. He has just got up (to get up). 2. My sister has never been (to be) to Paris. 3. They have already played (to play) chess. 4. I have watched a video film lately (to watch). 5. Bill has bought (to buy) a new car today. 6. We have done (to do) our homework.

I can (я могу) I can`t (я не могу) Use the Present Perfect Tense in the sentence. 2. Know all the words on the topic “Travelling”. 3. Answer the questions on the topic. 4. Make the dialogues “ Сheck –in, passport control ”.