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5 класс

Проверочная работа

IV четверть

1. Write the verbs in ing-form.

do – smile –

take – sit –

jog – play –


2. Choose the correct answer.

Vets are people who … animals.

are treating b. are going to treat c. treat

The bodyguard … the politician’s life last week.

a. protected b. will protect c. protects

3) - Where is John? - He … a composition in his room now.

a. writes b. is writing c. wrote

4) I’m sure I … a lawyer in the future.

a. become b. will become c. becomes

5) I am hungry. I … to eat something.

a. am wanting b. want c. wanted


3. Open the brackets and put the verbs in the right form.

1) Last year my dog (be) very ill but fortunately the vet (treat) my dog.

2) My friend (travel) to Great Britain next summer.

3) I (need) some money. Can you give me 25 rubles?

4) We often (discuss) different things in our family.

5) Listen! The teacher (play) the piano and the pupils (sing) a cheerful song.

6) My father (have) a very good sense of humour.


4. Match the sights and the information about them.

1.Big Ben a. The men and women there are the voice of the British people

2.The Tower of London b. It opens and ships go up and down the River Thames

3.Westminster Abbey c. Important visitors come here and meet the royal family

4.The Houses of Parliament d. You can hear it every hour

5.Tower Bridge e. It has a long and cruel history

6.Buckingham Palace f. Writers, kings and queens are buried here

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