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NOUNS- PLURAL FORM (unit2 7 form).

1.Open the brackets. Put the nouns in the correct form.

1. There are a lot of (mouse) in the fields in autumn.

2. (Sheep) give us wool.

3. The (child) are playing football at the stadium.

4. I hate dentists but always consult them when I have bad (tooth).

5. My granny has got five (goose).

6. (Man) are usually stronger than (woman).

7.Your (foot) are dirty. Go and wash them.

8. There are a lot of (deer) in Richmond Park in London.

9. I’ve got a beautiful aquarium with lots of different ( fish).

10. Every morning I feed my (swine).

2.Find the mistakes and correct them.

1.Potatos and tomatos are my favourite vegetables.

2.I’ve got two pianoes: an old one and a new one.

3.The knifes were dirty.

4.I collect photoes with the places I’ve been to.

5.Shakespeare wrote a lot of tragedys.

6.Wolfes are dangerous animals.

7.Going to different discoes is my hobby.

8.I’ve never seen any kangarooes.

9.There were a lot of heros during the Great Patriotic War.

10.My sister likes beautiful handkerchieves.

3.Form the plural.

A dish,a wife, an army, a photo, a bus, a country,a way, a knife, a ski, a video, a hero, a toy,

a watch, a leaf, a life, a dodo, a zoo, a key, a ghost, a church, a kilo, a glass, a roof, a belief.


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