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Тест по теме “TELEVISION”

1.Choose the right meaning of the word “Television”

a. the sending of pictures from a distance, and the reproduction of them on a screen.

b. to send a picture of by television

c. a system of broadcasting television programmers by cable.

d. a television broadcast

2. .Choose the right meaning of the word “ Documentary

a. a written statement giving information, proof, evidence

b.a film, programme, giving information on a certain subject

c. of or found in documents

3. What mass media do you know?(write 5 of them)


4. Major British TV Channel is

a)IBA b)BBC c) CCB d)CBC e)BCC

5) A programme which gives facts and information about a particular subject

a) talk show b)weather forecast c)news d)comedy e)reality show

6) A programme , where the announcer says what the weather will be like the next day.

a) talk show b)weather forecast c)news d)comedy e)reality show

7. Translate the words into English



Аморальный _____________________________


8. Translate the word combinations into Russian.

International World Service_________________________

Local TV station______________________________

Non-commercial radio__________________________

Current news_________________________________

9. What do the letters BBC stand for?


10. Write the names of 10 TV programmers/


11) The process of sending and receiving messages through the air , broadcasting programmes for people to listen to

А )television b)radio c)internet d)newspapers e)advertisement

12. Explain in English the meaning of the word “commercial”. (don’t translate the word)


13) Make up the sentences with the following words.





14. Choose the right meaning of the word “addicted”

a. a person who has become dependent on something

b. dependent on

c. something added

15. Choose the right translation of the word “failure”

терпеть неудачу





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