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Материал размещён в группе «Урок английского (English lesson)»


Boris Akunin is one of the most popular contemporary writers in Russia. He was born on May 20, 1956 in Tbilisi, Georgia, and has lived in Moscow since 1958.

1)What kind of writer he is:

He is a remarkable contemporary writer and a literary translator.


2)What language he uses:

He uses very rich inventive language that helps him to give the main idea and vivid atmosphere of the book to the reader.

3)The ideas his books are based on:

The ideas of his books are usually based on various investigations and historical detective stories.


4) What types of books he writes:

Boris Akunin is a master of many genres. He writes crime fiction, historical fiction, spy novels. His books have everything: suspense, drama, action and they are really fun to read.

5)His most popular works:

The most popular Boris Akunin‘s works are: The State Counsellor, Azazel and The Turkish Gambit.


6)Where his books are set:

The largest part of his books are set in Imperial Russia.


7)My opinion and reasons:

Boris Akunin creates powerful books with fabulous plots. His books are so suspenseful that you can’t stop reading. I would recommend them to everyone who likes historical mysteries and has a good imagination.


Автор материала: К. Хотемская (9 класс)
Опубликовано в группе «Урок английского (English lesson)»

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