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Часть 1. Прочти тексты A - D. В таблице отметь (v), о ком идёт речь.

My name is Ann. I’m eleven. I’m tall. My hair is long and fair. My eyes are big and brown. I study in the sixth form. I learn many interesting subjects at school. They are English, Russian, History, Maths, Music and others. I’m fond of Maths. Myhobbyisswimming.

My name is Kostya. I’m fourteen. I’m neither tall nor short. My face is round, my eyes are blue. My hair is short and fair. I’m in the ninth form. I study well. In my free time I play chess. I’m a goodplayer.

I’m Tanya. My eyes are green. My hair is dark and long. I’m short and thin. I’m thirteen. I’m in the eighth form. I wear a uniform. My favourite subject is English. I’mfondofmusic. I playthepianowell.

My name is Nick. I’m sixteen. I’m rather tall. I have blue eyes and a straight nose. My hair is dark and short. I’m in the eleventh form. I’m planning to be a teacher. In my spare time I enjoy reading , playing basketball and watching TV.






1.Has big and brown eyes


2. Is fond of English


3. Is a good chess-player


4. Likes to read


5. Wears a uniform


6. Has short and fair hair


7. Wants to become a teacher


8. Is the youngest


9. Has grey eyes and fair hair


Часть 2. Выбери и вставь слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу.

1) Are you … of classical music?

a) fond b) interested c) know

2) … coins is a very popular hobby.

a) Keeping b) Collecting c) Taking

3) A hamburger is made … bread, ham and cheese.

a) with b) of c) from

4) When do Russian people … Maslenitsa?

a) visit b) invite c) celebrate

5) Would you like to … old things?

a) get up b) give up c) get rid of

Часть 3. Выбери и вставь глагол в нужной форме.

1) Denis … very hard at school.

a. works b. is working c. work

2) Look! They … a new youth magazine.

a. are reading b. read c. will read

3) Last August my father and I … abroad.

a. go b. went c. will go

4) Her elder brother … his job next month.

a. changed b. changes c. will change

5) My sister … a new pair of shoes.

a. is needing b. needs c. need

6) The scientist … already his article.

a. have written b. has written c. wrote

7) Sally will arrange a picnic at the weekend, …?

a. won’t she b. will she c. doesn’t she

8) This sportsman runs very fast, … ?

a. does he b. doesn’t he c. doesn’t they

9) Let’s invite… Browns to my birthday party!

a. the b. --- c. a

10) My parents have … cat. … cat never attacks the parrot.

a. a/the b. the/the c. the/a

11) Emily lives in … Baker Street in … UK.

a. the/the b. the/--- c. ---/the

12) My little nephew fell down and hurt …

a. himself b. herself c. itself

Часть 4. Выбери правильный вариант перевода.

1) She reads fairy tales herself.

a) Она читает сказки для неё.

b) Она читает сказки сама.

2) Will I send these postcards today?

а) Мне отправили эти открытки сегодня?

b) Мне отправят эти открытки сегодня?

3) Jane has already washed all the dishes.

а) Джейн недавно вымыла всю посуду.

b) Джейн уже помыла всю посуду.

Часть 5. Закончи предложение.

TheQueen livesin

a) Buckingham Palace b) The Tower of London c) Westminster Abby

2. The coronation of all British Kings and Queens takes place in …

Windsor Palace b) St. Paul ‘s Cathedral c) Westminster Abbey

3. The statue of Peter Pen can be see in …

St James`s Park b) Hyde Park c) Kensington Gardens

4. What do Englishmen eat for lunch on Christmas Day?

a) turkey b) roast beef c) chicken

5. When is Defenders of the Motherland Day celebrated?

a) on the 29th of November b) on the 23rd of February c) on the 9th of May


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