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Контрольная работа на "Времена группы Simple" 1. заполните таблицу


Когда используется


Отрицательные предложения

Вопросительные предл


Present simple






Past simple





Future simple






2. Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в Present Simple, Past Simple или Future Simple.

1.    We … (go) roller-skating last Saturday.

2.    Our granny … (bake) meat-pies every weekend.

3.    We … (write) an essay tomorrow.

4.    I really … (enjoy) the opera yesterday.

5.    Where your husband … (work) five years ago?

6.    British people … (prefer) tea to coffee.

7.    Tom, you … (meet) me at the railway station next Sunday?

8.    Where she usually … (celebrate) her birthdays?

9.    … you (have) a big family?

10.                      Newton … (invent) the telescope in 1668.

11.                      When … this accident (happen)?

12.                      I always … (send) Christmas cards to my grandparents.

13.                      Nina and Nick … (get married) in two weeks.

14.                      How many books they … (bring) tomorrow?

15.                      Stanley … (have) two sons and a daughter.

3. Поставьте глагол to be в одну из форм Simple.

1.    … your girlfriend Italian?

2.    I … afraid of spiders.

3.    There … a lot of tourists in our café yesterday.

4.    Peter … in Africa next winter.

5.    We … never late for our Drawing classes.

6.    I … 70 years old in 2050.

7.    She … my neighbor last year.

8.    It … usually very hot in Egypt.

9.    I … born in September.

10.                      My parents … doctors.

4. Выпишите из текста глаголы в форме Present Simple, Past Simple и Future Simple. Переведите текст.

Clara had a car accident when she was ten years old. When she grew up she was afraid of cars. Then she met Brad who was a professional racing driver. He wanted to help her and drove her in his car every day. So in five years Clara became a racing driver too. Now she drives 200 km per hour and takes part in sports championships. She really enjoys driving and has a lot of future plans. Next year she will open a driving school. And Clara and Brad will get married quite soon.

5. Превратите утвердительные предложения в отрицательные, обращая внимание на форму глагола-сказуемого.

1.    This coat belongs to Jane.

2.    I drive to Moscow once a month.

3.    Your boss is very impudent.

4.    The car stopped near the bank.

5.    The soup was delicious.

6.    The concert will start at 7 p.m.

7.    Her shoes are dirty.

8.    I bought the curtains for my bedroom.

9.    I am a football fan.

10.  Their wedding will be in spring.



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