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Гасраталиева Диана Эльбрусовна16
Dagestan - my homeland


A person without a motherland is like a nightingale without a song. I am grateful to God for being born in Dagestan. It`s my motherland! I remember my childhood full of adventures spent in green valleys with my grandfather. He used to say: "Homeland is more worth than gold".

Some people think Dagestan is a dangerous place for living and visiting. I strongly believe that visiting Dagestan means entering humanities purest traditional roots. My remarkable mountain kingdom is one of the jewels on the Russian crown. Moreover, Dagestan strikes with its cultural diversity neighbouring with unique monuments of antiquity which add some irresistible and unforgettable charm. Furthermore, anything a person can imagine is here within its territory. It`s a place that offers impressive natural wonders, ancient historical buildings, great history, best cuisine, multiethnic diversity and hospitable people. In addition to this, Dagestan in famous for its ctaftmen: goldsmiths from Kubachi, jewelers from Gozatl, porters from Balkhar, woodworkers from Untsukul, carpetmakers from Tabasaran. As Rasul Gamzatov said: "But Dagestan is the dearest for the soul". Dagestan is my fate, my heart treasure. I really want to be useful for my republic, my native town Derbent. Last year we celebrated two thousand years anniversary of Derbent welcoming guests from all over the world. Derbent- the pearl of Russia is a peaceful and ancient city with great architectural sights like fortress Naryn Kala, the Juma Mosque and the Armenian Temple. Naryn Kala is Unesco`s heritage.

In conclusion, I want to say that each has only one native land and only one mother. I am proud of my homeland.


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