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Зенина Мария Андреевна636
I'm a teacher of English,I have been teaching at secondary school since 2009.I enjoy creating new worksheets for kids . My hobbies are playing volleyball and cooking.
Россия, Архангельская обл., Виноградовский район, п.Сельменьга

Проверочная работа 6 класс, 4 четверть / УМК «Enjoy English», Биболетова М.З

Name __________________________________

1. Fill the gaps with reflexive pronouns. ( myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves)

1 . He is the best at maths, he can write a test …..………...
2 . Helen looked at ………… in the mirror and left the house in a very good mood.
3 . We don’t cook ……………… at the hotel.
4 . Henry taught ……….… to play the violin .
5 . Selfish people only care about …………..

6. Ann wants to drive the car …………….

7. Julia and Jane want to organize a party …………………

8. I’m going to repair the bike ……………………

9. Jack, do you want to walk the dog ………………………?

10. We can empty the bin ………………………

2. Choose the right variant.

1. Ann’s sister ________ fond of cooking.

a) am b) is c) are

2. When do you usually go _______ to school ?

a) to b) in c) for

3. This film _________ worth seeing.

a) am b) is c) are

4 . I ___________ all my homework. Can I watch TV now ?

a) do b) did c) have done

5. We ___________song yesterday.

a) listens b) have listened c) listened

6. They _____________a new car this year.

a) have bought b) bought c) buy

8. __________ you ever ____________ golf ?

a) did ____ play b) have ____ played c) does ____ play

9. Mike’s father ____________ his computer yet .

a) hasn’t repaired b) didn’t repair c) doesn’t repair

10. Our country is rich __________ rivers and lakes.

a) for b) in c) of

11. I am tired __________ doing my homework.

a) off b) on c) of

12. Moscow is famous ___________ its museums and art galleries.

a) in b) for c) of

3. Translate the words

To have a lot in common – _______________________________

Садоводство –____________________________________

Travelling- ____________________________________


To visit relatives- ___________________________________

4. Choose the correct variant

1. People visit their mothers and give them beautiful flowers and presents. Children try to help their mothers about the house.

a) St. Valentine’s Day           b) New Year     c) Mother’s Day

2. When do people celebrate Halloween?

a) October 31                        b) October 5              c) November 5

3. When is Christmas in Britain?

a) January  7               b) January 25                c) December 25

4. When is New Year?

a) December 25          b) December 31               c) January 7

5. People send special cards to someone they love. They don’t sign their names. It is a very romantic holiday.

a) St. Valentine’s Day           b) New Year     c) Mother’s Day

6. People make fancy costumes and put them on.

a) Guy Fawkes Night               b) Halloween                  c) Easter

7. People dye eggs and give presents to their relatives and friends.

a) St. Valentine’s Day             b)Easter                          c) New Year

5. Try to find as many words as you can.

Опубликовано в группе «Проверочные работы по английскому языку»

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