Разработка урока английского языка «Choosing a career. Would you like to be….?» (9 класс)

Материал опубликован 1 December 2015

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение

«Средняя общеобразовательная школа №21»

Методическая разработка урока

по английскому языку

для 9 классов

тема: «Выбор профессии»

Тема: «Choosing a career. Would you like to be….?»

Составил: учитель английского языка

МБОУ «СОШ №21» Поштариков А.А.



урока по английскому языку в 9 классе

Тема: «Choosing a career. Would you like to be….?»

Цель: Содействовать учащимся в выборе будущей профессии, развивать навыки монологической речи по теме «Выбор профессии», совершенствовать лексические навыки и расширять лексический запас слов, стимулировать интерес к трудовой и учебной деятельности.


Образовательные: развивать навыки монологической и письменной речи; активизировать ранее изученную лексику в устной и письменной речи; развивать навыки и учения общаться на английском языке;

Развивающие: развивать интеллектуальные способности учащихся; формировать умения выделять главное, сравнивать и анализировать;

Воспитательные: развивать у учащихся самостоятельность мышления; содействовать профориентации учащихся; формировать потребности в практическом использовании языка;

Оснащение: раздаточный материал, план-карта, кроссворд, презентации учащихся, ТСО (компьютер, проектор, магнитофон).


I. Организационный момент.

T- Good afternoon boys and girls! How are you? I’m glad to see you. Today we are gong to talk about the world of professions. Look at our plan-map.

Today we’ll do some lexical exercises, then we’ll the crossword to refresh some professions in our memory, after that we’ll listen to the tape? Then we revise or grammar, next we’ll check or home work? At last you’ll get your home task for the next lesson.

T- I think, it’s clear. Well, let’s start.

II. Основной момент.

1. T-Our lesson, I’d like to begin with the words of wisdom. Look at the board.

“What is worth doing is worth doing well”

-Could you translate this rhyme?

-Using this we also refresh in our memory the construction: to be worth doing smth.

-I’d like you to use this construction in your own sentences.

-Thanks a lot. Let’s go on!

2. My friends! Look at our screen, you see the poem “I want to be”.

-I’d like you to read this poem. Any volunteers?

“I want to be”

Some people often say to me:

“Have you decided what you want to be?”

I usually answer “I don’t know.”

But it isn’t really so.

I want to win an Olympic race.

I want to see the Earth from space,

I want to travel to Katmandu.

I want to reach and famous, too.

I want to be on Hollywood’s screen.

I want to invent a new machine,

I want to be very clever and wise,

I want to win the Nobel prize,

But most off all, I want to be

Healthy, strong and nice.

T- Now I want you to translate this poem.

-Thank you! Well done.

3. T- There are many of professions all over the World. There is no need to name all of them. But, I’d like you to do the crossword with me. It’s time for a guessing-game. What profession is it? I’ll describe you a profession and you write the word in our crossword.

T-OK, let’s start!


1. someone whose job is to design buildings?

2. someone who teach pupils/students?

3. someone who travels around the world and takes interviews?

4. someone whose job is to manage a company?

5. someone who design clothes?

6. someone who can count well and keeps money records of a business?




















T- What word have you got in the middle of our crossword?

-I wish you all to have a good career and success in your future profession!

4. T- Let’s go on.

-Now I’d like you to listen to the tape, the interviews with people talking about their jobs and match the professions with the speakers. ( тип задания может быть изменен на усмотрение учителя)






a) a flight attendant

b) a boxing manager

c) a band leader

d) a photo journalist

e) a language teacher

T- Thank you very much! You are great!

5. T- To know grammar is also important in knowing English. Let’s revise our grammar.

T- The task is to pt the verbs in brackets in the Future continuous or Future perfect.

1. By the time I get my degree I ….. (to make) enough contacts in my field to find a good job.

2. At this time tomorrow he ….. (to sit) in an examination room to cope with his worries and fears.

3. By June 20014 Ann ….. (to finish) school – what a joy!

4. By the end of June we ….. (to take) the final exams and ….. (enjoy) ourselves.

T- Ok, you grammar is not bad.

6. T-Before to check our home work including to a presentation “What would you like to be?”, I’d like you to ask some questions.


1. What professions are popular among the young people in our country?

2. What would you like to be when you graduate?

3. What type of professions would you like to have?

4. What do you think, who will help you to choose a profession?

-Thanks for your answers.

7. Now, what professions would you like to tell us?

- Don’t be shy! You are welcome!

(рассказы и презентации учащихся о выборе своей профессии)

III. Заключительный момент.


T- Our lesson is over. And now I want you to show your attitude to our lesson. Please answer the question.

-What was easy or difficult to do for you?

-Thank you.

T- Your home work is to write a letter to your pen-friend about you future job.

-Thank you very much for your active and hard work at the lesson. It’s very pleasant to work with you. Your mark is excellent. See you soon!

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