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Test in Grammar( Future Forms)


 I.Identify the speech situation (promise,fixed arrangement,plan,intention,scheduled event ,evidence,prediction,completed action)

1)Look out! The dog is going to bite you.____________________________________________

2)The London train arrives at 4.45.__________________________________________________

3)I’m seeing my bank manager this morning._________________________________________

4)He’ll have finished the translation by tomorrow afternoon._____________________________

5)Now that they’ve settled in their new house, they are going to have a party._______________

6)She is going to have a baby._____________________________________________________


7)She’ll probably buy the dress.____________________________________________________

8)I’ll phone you from the airport.___________________________________________________

9)I’m sure he will pass the exam successfully._________________________________________

10)I’ll have worked here for 10 years by the end of the month.____________________________

II. Fill in : will or going to.

1)A.: I’ve lost my keys!

B.: I_________________________help you look for them.

2) A.:Watch out! You________________________________knock the vase over.

B.: Oh! I didn’t see it.

3) A.: This ice-cream is delicious!

B.: Don’t eat any more. You___________________________________be sick.

4)A.: Here’s the waiter! Would you like a drink?

B.: Yes, please. I_____________________________have a glass of wine.

5) A.: I’ll park the car there.

B.: Be carefull, you______________________________________________hit the wall !

6) A.:__________________________you have a biscuit with your tea ?

B.: No, thank you. I’m on a diet.

7) A.: Have you decided what to wear tonight?

B.: Yes, I_____________________________-wear my black velvet dress.

8)A.: Have you seen John today?

B.: No, but I___________________________visit him this afternoon.

III.Complete the dialogue using the correct future form.

A.: What _______________________________(do) tonight?

B.: I___________________________________(try) to finish my homework because I_________

(go)to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday & I__________________________(not /be able) to do it then.

A.: What time______________________the wedding _______________(start) on Sunday?

B.: The ceremony ___________________(begin) at 2 o’clock, then I___________________(go)

to the party in the evening.

A.:_________________________any of your friends__________________________(be) there?

B.: Well, my cousin says I can bring a friend. _____________________________(you/do) anything on Saturday tonight ?

A.: No, but I____________________________(feel) shy if I don’t know anyone.

B.: Never mind. It________________________(be) a big party & I’m sure you_______________

(have) a great time.

IV.Make up your own sentences expressing prediction, plan,evidence, intention,

completed action, fixed arrangement, scheduled event.









V.Translate into English:

1. Поглянь на оте дерево! Воно впаде!


2.Допоможи татові! Він буде фарбувати будинок.


3.Я буду брати уроки англійської мови.Я хочу одержати кращу роботу.


4.Я думаю , завтра буде сонячно.


5. Йому буде 20 в наступному році.


6.Обережно! У нас зараз буде ДТП !


7.Вона, мабуть, прийде пізно.


8.Я заощаджу достатньо грошей до кінця року.


9.Не чекайте мене! Я писатиму твір увечері.


10. Гра почнеться о 12.00. Не запізнюйся!


Number of mistakes __________________________________________________

Mark ___________

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