Тестовые задания для английского языка (СПО)

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Test 5

1. Read the text and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

Conventional and Natural Medicine

Medical science has made enormous (0) D in the twentieth century. Most of the great 'killer' diseases have been (1)___, and almost every day a new drug appears on the market. But the medical profession is (2)___a crisis of confidence. Surveys (3)___ that less than 40% of people really trust their family doctor. People are (4) ___away from conventional medicine to look for alternative (5) ___of treatment.

The main reason for this is that conventional medicine has (6) ___to satisfy the needs of the (7) ___of people. In spite of the apparent progress made by medical science, we are actually less (8) ___ than our parents or grandparents.

Medical students are taught that diseases are (9) ___by germs, viruses and toxins. Therefore treatment must (10)___on attacking these things. The mind and the emotions are not thought to play any (11) ___in the disease process. But people who practise 'natural' medicine (12) ___with this principle, and try to treat the whole person. They believe that personality and lifestyle are important when considering a patient's (13)___ health.

Some conventional doctors are beginning to (14) ___ that there is a lot of truth in these ideas, and believe that natural medicine can be a valuable aid. Others (15) ____ regard it as a dangerous threat to their profession.


A steps

B distances

C increases

D advances


A won

B defeated

C erased

D broken


A experiencing

B holding

C bearing

D living


A indicate

B lead

C describe

D point


A growing

B taking

C turning

D coming


A ways

B makes

C forms

D fashions


A missed

B stopped

C lost

D failed


A lot

B majority

C most

D largest


A healthy

B nutritious

C fine

D wholesome


A caused

B made

C brought

D involved


A aim

B function

C concentrate D try


A game

B piece

C part

D action


A reject

B dislike

C object

D disagree


A normal

B typical

C common

D general


A recognise

B observe

C view

D know


A still

B yet

C but

D even

2. Fill in the blanks

It's so kind ... you to call me.
a) for, b) with, c) of, d) on.

If my advice ... , I'll be happy.

a) help, b) helps, c) will help, d) have helped.

3. I have never seen ... interesting film.

a) so a, b) so an, c) such a, d) such an.

4. Her husband is twice as ... as she is.

a) old, b) older, c) elder, d) the oldest.

5. You ... to come here again.

a) must, b) may, c) should, d) have.

6. ... raining when you went out?

a) Was there, b) Was it, c) Is there, d) Is it.

7. The noise of the broken glass made me ... .

a) woke up, b) have woken up, c) to wake up, d) wake up.

8. Can you come on Monday evening? — Sorry, I'd love to but
... volleyball.

a) was playing, b) played, c) am playing, d) have played.

9. Are you interested ... working for us?
a) at, b) in, c) of, d) for.

10. There wasn't ... in the garden.

a) some people, b) anybody, c) any people, d) no people.

11. …in my class knows him.

a) All, b) All pupils, c) All the pupils, d) Everyone.

12. His hands are dirty. He ... the car.

a) repaired, b) repairs, c) has been repairing, d) will repair.

13. By the time I came she ... a cake.

a) cooked, b) cooks, c) will cook, d) had cooked.

14. They ... us to do the room

a) said, b) told, c) spoke, d) talked.

15. He doesn't know this rule. Tom doesn't know it ....

a) too, b) either, c) also, d) neither.

16. ... tea is grown in many parts of Asia.

a) The, b)— , c) A, d) An.

17. If ... in Moscow, he'll visit us.

a) is, b) will be, c) would be, d) were.

18. I don't like apples; ... ?

a) you do, b) don't you, c) you don't, d) do you.

19. We all... mistakes when we are in a hurry.

a) do, b) make, c) did, d) made.

20. I haven't been home ... yesterday,

a) for, b) since, c) after, d) before.

Тест 5

Задание 1

1 B

2 A

3 A

4 C

5 C

6 D

7 B

8 A

9 A

10 C

11 C

12 D

13 D

14 A

15 A

Задание 2

1 с

2 b

3 d

4 a

5 d

6 b

7 d

8 c

9 b

10 b

11 d

12 c

13 d

14 b

13 b

16 b

17 a

18 d

19 b

20 b

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