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Ток-шоу на английском языке

Can Money Make a Man Happy?”

«Могут ли деньги сделать человека счастливым?»

 (для учащихся 9-10 классов)

(Данное мероприятие проводится в рамках недели иностранных языков в школе).


1. Активизация навыков монологической и диалогической речи по теме.

2. Тренировка лексических навыков.

3. Совершенствование навыков аудирования и грамматики.

Оборудование: карточки для ведущего, аксессуары для главных героев передачи, карточки с ситуациями для участников ток-шоу, аксессуары для участников рекламных пауз, музыкальное оформление.

Подготовка к мероприятию: Главным героям ток-шоу раздаются карточки с заданной информацией.

1. А famous rock star Angelo Boggs (28 years old).

He is very popular rock star. He is selfish. He has just published his album “Crazy” and got an amazing fee. He thinks that money is the only thing that can make people happy. He helps his parents though not very much. He is sure that you can buy everything: things, love, devotion, health, and friendship. If you have money you are something like a God. His favourite expression is “Yeah”.

2. Ben Brown (38 years old)

A prosperous businessman. Rich, friendly and calm, but he has no wife and no children. His business is very profitable. He gives money for charity. But he does not feel completely happy. He met many beautiful women who wanted to marry him, but he wasn’t sure they really loved his. He thinks that anybody can become ill, and not every illness can be cured.

3. Valerie James (a teenager, 16 years old).

She is pretty and clever. She wants to make a career of a top model. Though she is clever, Valerie is sure that nowadays being intelligent is not enough to be rich. She gets A levels in all tests. She also writes reports to the school newspaper. Valeria plays basketball and visits a dance club after classes. She has passed a casting for one magazine and now she is waiting for the call. She thinks she will have enough time to make a good family.

4. Michael Jones (40 years old)

He is a pessimist. He thinks that there is no happiness in our life. Nothing can make a man happy. Michael has no wife, no children, and he doesn’t think any woman can make him happy. He is a forester. He doesn’t get much money, but he is not sure that a large sum of money would make him crazy. When he goes out of his house and sees all that beauty of the nature he feels really excited. Why have money when you are so rich?

5. A popular actress Alice Freedman (30 years old).

She is famous, rich and very happy in her private life. She is always on the screen. Alice has 2 children and adores them. At present she is working on the role of Juliet at the theatre. At the same time she has a role in the film “Money Is Not all”.

Зрители задают вопросы главным героям.

1.To Ben Brown. Do you think it is your business that doesn’t give you a chance to have a good family? 2.To Alice Freedman. What other plans have you got? What other roles would you like to play? 3. To Michael Jones. We see that you do nothing to be happy. Is it nature that makes you really happy? 4. To Angelo Boggs. Are you sure that in 10 or more years you will not be sorry for being alone? Can you say that you have real friends? You can’t buy friendship!!! 5. To Valerie James. Do you think you will find a man who will watch your photos in magazines patiently? You know men don’t usually like their wives to popular among other men. There are so many other professions except that of a model. They could also make you rich and prosperous. What do you think about them?


Ход мероприятия:

Music. The show begins.

Host/hostess: Good day, dear ladies and gentlemen! I am glad to see you at our weekly TV show “Life Is Life”. And our topic today is “Can Money Make a Man Happy?”

Music. Applause.

Today we shall see if you are happy and why; how you can make other people happy and if money makes us happy.


First of all I would like to know if we have happy people at our studio. (He comes up to the viewers and asks them questions.)

-Are you happy? What makes you happy? (Can you say that you are a happy man/woman?)

Our first guest is a famous rock star. Meet Angelo Boggs.


-Hi, Angelo! Glad to see you. How are things?

Angelo Boggs: Oh, everything is all right. I’ve just produced my next album. It’s called “Crazy”. And I got an amazing fee. It’s a crazy sum of money.

Host/hostess: Oh, we see you’re so happy. Is it money that makes you so happy?

Angelo Boggs: Yeah, I think it’s the only thing that people need to have a really good life. I can buy everything I want, though I help my parents. By the way, hello, Dad and Mum!

Host/hostess: Are you sure that you can buy everything: things, health, love, devotion, and friendship?

Angelo Boggs: Yeah, if you have money you are something like a God.

Contradictions from the audience. Questions to the singer.

Host/hostess: Now we’ll meet our next guest, but first some advertisement on our channel.

Music. Three pieces of the advertisement are shown.

We are at our studio again and our next guest is Mr.Ben Brown.

Music. Applause.

Ben Brown: Good afternoon. My name is Ben Brown. Host/hostess: Mr.Brown, we know that you are not poor, and your business is very profitable. Can you call yourself a happy man? Ben Brown: Well, you see I have enough money to live without problems. Besides I give money for the charity, but in fact I don’t feel completely happy. First of all there are a lot of illness that can’t be cured, and nobody is sure not to be ill. The main problem is I have no wife and children. I spent so much time working that even never fell in love with somebody seriously. There were many beautiful women who wanted to marry me, but I was not sure they really loved me. Host/hostess: Oh, Mr.Brown, we wish you to find your love and make a big and friendly family. (Applause. Questions from the audience). Ladies and gentlemen, we continue our show and I want you to meet our next guest Miss Valerie James. (Applause). Hello, Valerie. Nice to meet you. Valerie James: Nice to meet you, too.

Host/hostess: Valerie, you are so nice. How do you study at school?

Valerie James: Well, you see I have got A levels in all tests. I also write reports to our school newspaper. I play basketball and visit a dance club after the classes.

Host/hostess: Wow, you are perfect. What do you think of your future career?

Valerie James: As for me, I want to be a model. I’ve passed casting for one magazine. And I am waiting for the call.

Host/hostess: We have Valerie’s teacher at the studio. Mrs.Clark, what do you think of your student’s choice?

Valerie’s teacher: Of course, I am against her choice. She is a very clever girl. I think she would become a student of any university she liked.

Host/hostess: Why don’t you want to continue your studies? Maybe you could become a professor?

Valerie James: The fact is I would like to get much money. My parents are not rich and I want to help them.

Host/hostess: And what about having a family?

Valerie James: I think I’ll have enough time to make a good family. Besides, I am going to study after school.

Contradictions from the audience. Questions.

Host/hostess: Before we meet another guest let’s have a bit of advertisement on our channel.

Music. Three pieces of the advertisement are shown.

We are again at our studio and our guest now is Mr.Michael Jones.


Host/hostess: Mr.Jones thinks that there is no happiness in our life. Nothing can make a man happy. Am I right, Mr.Jones?

Michael Jones: Well, yes. In my opinion there is no means in the world to make me happy. I have no wife and no children, and I think no woman can make me happy.

Host/hostess: How do you earn your living?

Michael Jones: I have a job. I’m a forester. I don’t get much money, but I’m not sure that a large sum of money would make me crazy.

Host/hostess: Then what is happiness for you?

Michael Jones: Happiness? Er, you know when I go out of my house and see all that beauty of nature I fell really excited. Why should you have money when you are so rich?

Questions from the audience.

Host/hostess: Thank you, Mr. Jones. We see that you are really happy.


Our next guest is your favourite actress. She is rich, famous and very happy in her private life: Alice Freedman.


Hello, Alice, how are you?

Alice Freedman: I’m OK, thanks.

Host/hostess: Everybody knows that you are a favourite actress of millions of viewers and directors. You are always on the screen. You must be very busy. How do you find time to keep your house?

Alice Freedman: In fact my husband cooks well and he is a perfect host.

Host/hostess: Oh, I see. What about your children?

Alice Freedman: They are so pretty and clever! I adore them. Look, here are their photos.

Host/hostess: Have you got any offers, new projects?

Alice Freedman: Oh, yes. At the moment I’m working on the role of Juliet at the theatre. My dream comes true. And at the same time I have a role in the film “Money Is Not Important”.

Applause. Questions from the audience.

Host/hostess: Thank you for visiting us, Alice. Good luck. You see that some people are happy when they have a lot of money, others do not need it at all. I wish you to have money and to be happy. But don’t forget that money is not the main thing in our life! See you next week, good-bye!



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