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Урок - игра по английскому языку “Halloween

Учитель английского языка

Хот Анжели Элчиновна

МБОУ Гимназия № 1


Тема: Урок - игра по английскому языку “Halloween” для 6 класса

Цель: познакомить учащихся с праздником ”Хэллоуин”.


Познавательная: познакомить учащихся с традициями и культурой страны изучаемого языка на основе праздника”Хэллоуин”.

Развивающая: развивать интерес учащихся к изучению традиций страны изучаемого языка.

Воспитательная: прививать интерес к изучению английского языка.

Оформление и оборудование:

Рисунки с изображением луны, летучей мыши, ведьм, приведений, тыквы; свечи,; стулья; музыкальное оформление, компьютер, аудиозапись песни ,эмблемы команд (тыквы разного цвета)-

План урока:

Орг. момент. (Объявление темы и целей урока) (1-2 минуты.)

Дефиле и описание костюмов под музыку


Церемония награждения.(3-4 минут)

Ход урока

I. Организационное начало урока:

Ход урока

Ведущий:  Good afternoon! Look at our classroom. You can see the decorations in the form of images of witches, ghosts, pumpkins. Students are dressed in special costumes. Have you already guessed what holiday are you celebrating today? The American holiday All Saints Day - Halloween. In America it is celebrated by many centuries. This holiday has come to us recently, but more and more people in our country celebrate it.

Добрый день! Обратите внимание на оформление кабинета. Вы видите украшения в виде изображений ведьм, привидений, тыкв. Участники одеты в костюмы. Вы уже догадались, какой  праздник мы сегодня отмечаем? Американский праздник День Всех Святых - Halloween. В Америке его отмечают уже много столетий. К нам этот праздник пришел совсем недавно, и его отмечают все больше и больше людей в нашей стране. 

2. Дефиле костюмов

Ребята поочерёдно демонстрируют свои костюмы, описывая героя и костюм по английский.


I. First of all we are going to divide you all into groups, that’s why take a card and make a group ghosts and zombies

Well done! Take your seats and we’ll start our lesson.

3. Фонетическая зарядка

To warm up we’ll learn a scary story: You have to read the story all together. You have 2 minutes to be ready. (The members of the teams get the words of the scary story and prepare to tell it together).

In a dark, dark wood there is a dark, dark house.
And in a dark, dark house there is a dark, dark room.
And in a dark, dark room there is a dark, dark cupboard.
And in a dark, dark cupboard there is a dark, dark box.
And in a dark, dark box there is a dark, dark
 g - h - o - s - t.

4 История праздника

. The history of the Halloween is very interesting but complicated. Let’s listen the story and answer the questions.

- Как я вам уже сказала, сегодня мы с вами узнаем о празднике”Хэллоуин”.

Этот праздник сопровождается весельем и древними обрядами. В ночь на Хэллоуин люди зажигают фонари, чтобы отогнать злых духов. Дети вырезают на тыквах лица и вставляют внутрь свечи. Такую тыкву называют “Джек – фонарщик”.

Halloween – History and Traditions

Halloween is both a secular and religious holiday celebrated by Americans on October 31, although countries all over the world celebrate Halloween or a form of it. Christian churches may celebrate All Hallows Day or All Saints Day. The secular celebration is marked by dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating and carnival style events characterized by spooky elements such as ghosts.

The original source of Halloween is believed to be of pagan tradition, although many believe the Christian celebrations came first. These festivals often honored gods of fruits, such as the Roman Pomona. Others, like the festival of Parentalia, may have honored the deceased.

Jack-o-lanterns were carved to light nighttime paths and protect from these evil spirits. The carved pumpkin’s namesake comes from the legend that a boy named Jack paraded through the town with a pumpkin in which he’d trapped the devil. The devil curses Jack upon his release and condemns him to spend forever in hell. When the gates open on Halloween, Jack would escape hell to wreak havoc upon the town. The Jack-o-Lanterns were supposed to trick Jack into thinking it held the devil, scaring him off.

Halloween also borrows elements from the Christian tradition. The name comes from All Hallows Eve, the day that Christians spent honoring the deceased and the saints. As a Holy Day of Obligation, some observers honor those in purgatory by ringing bells. Many Halloween traditions come from a mixture of these Christian and pagan traditions. The influx of Irish and Scottish immigrants during the 19th century brought the celebration to America. The traditions and imagery of Halloween are largely adopted from horror stories and gothic works—ghosts, vampires, other monsters, haunted houses, skeletons.

Some community events may also be held to celebrate. At the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City holds the Halloween Extravaganza and Procession of Ghouls. The event screens a horror film and then holds the procession, which features many extravagant costumes.

Traditions of Halloween

Trick-or-Treating is the practice of children dressing up in costume to ring doorbells for candy. When the door opens, they will say, “Trick or treat? Give me something good to eat,” which is sometimes followed by, “if you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear!”

Some children may opt to collect for charity, such as the UNICEF coin boxes that observers can donate change into as the child collects candy. Since 1952, UNICEF has sponsored this fundraising event, collecting more than $118 million since.

Children will often dress in a Halloween costume, such as a witch or a ghost. They may choose instead to dress of as a fictional or real figure they admire. For example, they may choose to emulate figures like Batman and Abraham Lincoln rather than something with an evil theme.

Many groups, especially children, will tell ghost stories on Halloween. The first poltergeist was reported in Germany in 856 CE. Pliny the Younger, a Roman statesman, was known for telling ghost stories within his letters.


1. On what day is Halloween celebrated?

2. what colours are associated with Halloween?

3. What traditions of Halloween do you know?

4. what Children say on Halloween?

5. Who can walk through walls? (ghosts)

4. What are the symbols of Halloween?

Отвечая на вопросы команды, зарабатывают баллы


5. Соревнование на лучшую тыкву. (тыквы дети подготовили заранее дома)

 Thank you very much!!! The main symbols of Halloween is a Jack-o-lanterns. - It was great!! Please, be ready to show us your pumpkins! It was your home task!!


6.Конкур загадок.


- Now it’s time for riddles, riddles about Halloween! Your task is to raise your hands, if you know the answer, of cause!!!А сейчас время для загадок!!!

Та команда, которая правильно отвечает – получает балл! Если участники команд выкрикивают ответ, а не поднимают руку, у команды отнимается балл.


Дети отгадывают загадки:

1. I flight at night because I don't like light (Bat)

2. I'm scary and white. I come out at night. Who am I? (Ghost)

3. I've got soft black fur. When you hold me I purr. Who am I?

4. I'm round on all sides. I've got a light inside. Who am I? (Jack-o-lantern)

5. I've got a black cat and a big pointed hat. Who am I? (Witch)

6. I’m yellow or white. I smile on Halloween night. Who am I? (Moon)

-  Thank you very much!

7. Разминка.

Let’s have a break. We are going to sing Halloween song “Halloween night Walking down the street. ”


Walking down the street, on Halloween night
Lots of scary monsters, and other strange sights

Boy: I see a ghost!

Ghosts: ghost sounds

Walking down the street, on Halloween night
Lots of scary monsters, and other strange sights

Boy: I see a vampire!

Vampire: Welcome to my househahhahaa

Walking down the street, on Halloween night
Lots of scary monsters, and other strange sights

Boy: I see a skeleton!

Skeleton: Здравствуйте, have you seen my coffin?

Walking down the street, on Halloween night
Lots of scary monsters, and other strange sights

Boy: I see a witch!

Witch: Hee hee hee hee

Walking down the street, on Halloween night
Lots of scary monsters, and other strange sights

Boy: I see a werewolf!

Werewolf: “howl

Walking down the street, on Halloween night
Lots of scary monsters, and other strange sights

Boy: I see a mummy!

Mummy: I’m sorry, I don’t have time to talk  I’m all wrapped up at the moment

La la la la


8. Конкурс стихотворений

- And now it’s time for our poem competition! You should choose two representatives from each team, and they will tell us your home-poems about Halloween.

Дети выбирают представителей, по два человека из команды выходят в середину класса и рассказываю стихи (Приложение 4), которые должны были выучить дома. После прочтения стихотворений, дети с помощью аплодисментов оценивают друг друга .НО! Команды не имеют права голосовать сами за себя!

Хэллоуин, Halloween

The witches fly
Across the sky, 
The owls go, «Who? Who? Who?» 
The black cats yowl 
And green ghosts howl, 
«Scary Halloween to you!» 

Tonight is the night
When dead leaves fly 
Like witches on switches 
Across the sky, 
When elf and sprite 
Flit through the night 
On a moony sheen. 

Tonight is the night 
When leaves make a sound 
Like a gnome in his home 
Under the ground, 
When spooks and trolls 
Creep out of holes 
Mossy and green. 

Tonight is the night 
When pumpkins stare 
Through sheaves and leaves 
When ghouls and ghost 
And goblin host 
Dance round their queen. 
It's Halloween.

Halloween Chants

Halloween, Halloween, magic night.
We are glad and very bright.
We all dance and sing and recite,
“Welcome! Welcome! Halloween night!”

Five little pumpkins
Sitting on a gate
The first one said,
«My it's getting late!»
The second one said,
«There are witches in the air!»
The third one said,
«Good folk, beware!»
The fourth one said,
«We'll run and run!»
The fifth one said,
«Let's have some fun!»
«WOOOOOOOH», went the wind,
And OUT went the light;
And the five little pumpkins
Rolled out of sight!


Trick or treat, trick or treat,
Give us something good to eat.
Give us candy, give us cake,
Give us something sweet to take.
Give us cookies, fruit and gum,
Hurry up and give us some.
You had better do it quick
Or we'll surely play a trick.
Trick or treat, trick or treat,
Give us something good to eat.

9. Конкурс примет

 Halloween is a holiday of ghosts, vampires, witches and werewolves. It is full of supernatural signs. Some people believe them but others don’t. Match the parts of the sentences and you will know these facts. You have 7-8 minutes.

If you see a black cat crossing a street,

she will not marry for at least 7 more years

If your right hand itches,

let them gently step on yours

If a single girl should not sit at the corner of a table,

you will have 7 years of bad luck

If you accidently step on your partner’s foot,

you can expect guests soon

If you break a mirror,

a female guest will soon arrive

If the cat is washing its face,

take it and let the person blow it away and make a wish.

If an eyelash falls out,

you’ll be receiving money soon

If a fork or a spoon fall off the table,

you will have a bad luck

If someone sneezes while telling you something,

someone has just thought about you.

If you get hiccups,

they’re telling the truth


10. Подведение итогов