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Контрольная работа в 7 классе UNIT 4


Put the missing words: vegetables, temperature, examine, bad, runny,

matter, sore, medicine, feel, bed.

DOCTOR: - Well, what`s the with you, Mr. Grant?

Mr.Grant: - I don`t very well. I`ve got a headache and a nose.

D: - Have you taken your ? What is it?

Mr.Grant: - Doctor! It`s 38.5. And I feel , I`ve got a throat. Oh, I

feel more dead than alive!

D: - I`m sorry to hear that. Let me you.

Mr.Grant: - Oh, I hate staying in and taking .

D: - Well, I think you`ve flu. Take the medicine, eat more fruit

and .

Mr.Grant: - Goodbye, doctor. Thanks a lot.

Complete the sentences.

The boy ran to the nearest telephone box. (quick/quickly)

Her sister swims very . (good/well)

Hold this vase . (careful/carefully)

In summer she got up at 7 am. (usual/usually)

The player threw the ball . (energetic/energetically)

He feels . (bad/badly)

Complete the sentences.

The girl could sleep last night. (hard/hardly)

Has he worked hard ? (late/lately)

The boy threw the cap into the air. (high/highly)

I think he is a skilled player. (high/highly)

The stadium was full. (near/nearly)

Is the swimming pool your school? (near/nearly)

He got up this morning. (late/lately)

This is the best game I`ve seen . (late/lately)

Put the adjectives or adverbs in brackets in appropriate form.

The little boy ran than he had ever run before. (fast)

You should work than you did last year,” Mr. Brown said.

( hard)

He swam than usual yesterday, didn`t he? (bad)

Could you say it , please? (slowly)

I liked her dance of all. (well)

The doctor told her to eat sweets and chocolate. (little)


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