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Аникеенко Наталья Владимировна3463
Учитель английского языка МОУ "Школа №60 города Донецка"
Материал размещён в группе «Учителя английского языка»
The Cat-Physisist
       Young parents bought a cat to their three-year-old daughter. The girl loved it very much. She rode it in the pram and dressed in the doll's clothes. She liked playing with it.
       The girl played with her cat all the time. The cat was not enthusiastic, but it could not hide from its small mistress. She found it everywhere.
       Once the parents noticed the strange behaviour of their cat. It lay on the carpet, wriggling and twisting for a long time.
       The riddle was solved very quickly. When the girl wanted to take the cat, its electrified wool hit her fingers. She immediately left the animal. 
       The cat often used this technique.
The Cat-Physisist
Автор материала: Е. Полянская (8 класс)
Опубликовано в группе «Учителя английского языка»

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