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Автор публикации: Елизавета Ведерникова, ученица 5А класса

Автор публикации: Анна Казачинина, ученица 5А класса

Автор публикации: Варвара Гринева, ученица 5А класса

Spotlight of Russia  visits the museums at Malye Korely and Vitoslavlitsy near  Novgorod by Elizaveta Vedernikova Varvara Grineva Anna Kazachinina Kirill Homikov

Here we are at Malya Korely, near Arkhangelsk                                                                                                                                                                                   This is typical izba. It's a small wooden country                                                                                         house with just one or two rooms. The  family                                                                                          room is a bedroom, kitchen and living room all in                                                                                          one. There isn't a bathroom, but there is                                                                                                         wooden sauna (banya) outside.

This is the 'beautiful corner' (krasny), with family icon and special table for guests.

Now we're at Vitoslavlitsy. Let's look inside the 1882 izba from Ryshevo. The is a large clay oven (pech') in the corner  near the door. There are sleeping benches (polaty) above the oven.

There are low benches along the other walls, one two tables, and a cupboard for dishes.

TaskS 1 How many rooms are there in the house? What is a family room? In what year was the hut built in Risnovo?

Tasks 2 Is there a large stove along the door(F/T) Was the bathhouse made of stone (F/T) The museum was open air (F/T)

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