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Урок-введение нового материала «Деньги» в 10 классе


Juno Moneta is the Roman Goddess. She is said to give good advice to the people. "Moneta" is derived from the Latin word for "warn".

She had a large and famous temple in Rome. Later a mint was established in the Temple of Juno, thus giving us the word 'moneta', money. Now it is the church of St. Maria Aracoeli and the Vittoriano now stands.


1.What are the other words of money? dosh, dough, moolah

2. What is the currency of Great Britain? British Pound Sterling quid

3. What is the currency of India? The Rupee

4.What is the currency of Japan? The Yen

5. What is the currency of China? The Yuan

6. What is the currency of Europe? The Euro

9. What is the word for the sums of money people receive for their job? salary wages tips

10.Name some verbs for things you can do with money lend, borrow, spend, lose , waste, save , invest,

Money Sums of money people receive Proto-money Uses of money Types of currency Other words of money Adjective for a person with or without money

That will cost me an arm and a leg.

Pester Power

Money makes the world go round.

Money is the root of all evil.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Money for jam.

With money you can buy  a house, With money you can buy  a clock, With money you can buy  a book, but not a home. but not time. but not knowledge.