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Зенина Мария Андреевна636
I'm a teacher of English,I have been teaching at secondary school since 2009.I enjoy creating new worksheets for kids . My hobbies are playing volleyball and cooking.
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Тренажер «Prepositions»

Fill in the correct prepositions where necessary 8th form

in at into on I arrived ___ the station at six.

about of in at She is very good ____ swimming.

of from with on It all depends ___ your marks.

to on in into He divided the apple ____ four parts.

--- from for by Have you read any books ___Oscar Wilde?

over about for in Ann is not interested ____ politics.

off out in on It’s very cold. Don’t forget to put __ your coat.

on --- at to She didn’t answer ___ my question.

by --- of for Tom was sorry ___ damaging his brother’s bike.

with from in off Keep ____ the grass!