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Шоира Абдурахимова10

Date: 22.02.2020

Grade: 3 “A”

Subject: English

Theme: Brush your teeth

The aim of the lesson:

Educational aim: To learn about the parts of the body.

Developing: To enable pupils to use the words of the parts of the body.

Upbringing: To raise awareness of the first four elements of personal hygiene.

The type of the lesson: Giving new knowledge.

The method of the lesson: The audio – lingual method.

The equipments: Books, board, card – questions, colorful pictures, computer, video – projector, posters, markers.

The block – scheme of the lesson:

Organization part:

5 min

Asking and conclusion of previous theme


To explain new theme


Consolidate the new theme

16 min

The ending of the lesson

5 min

Teacher: Good morning dear pupils!

Pupils: Good morning teacher!

Teacher: How are you?

Pupils: Fine!

Teacher: Are you feeling good?


Teacher: Are you ready to begin the lesson?

Pupils: Yes!

Teacher: Well. Who’s on duty today?

Pupils: I’m on duty today.

Teacher: Who’s absent today?

Pupils: All are present.

What date is it today?

Pupils: Today is the 22 nd of February. It’s Wednesday.

Teacher: Ok. Thank you. Now let’s sing a song about the weather!

How’s the weather today?(clap)

How’s the weather today?(clap)

It’s raining, it’s raining.

I’m wet today.

Teacher: Well. Thank you. You are divided into two groups. 1st group is the group “Health” and our 2 nd group is “Hygiene”.

Teacher: Stand up and stay in rows please. I’ll give you some questions and you’ll sit if can answer my questions. I’ll give you marks for scoring you.


1.What’s your mother’s job?

2.Where are you?

3. Mening tog’am kuchli va uzun.

4. What’s in the kitchen?

5. Where’s the bag?

6. Uning ismi Shahnoza.

7. Where ar the curtains?

8. Karimbek Botirjondan ko’ra kuchliroq.

9.Tell me 5 insects.

10. Kolibri eng kichkina qush.

11. Tell me 5 birds.

12.Zebraning chiziqlari bor.

Very good. Now let’s begin the new theme. Our today’s theme is “Brush your teeth”. Today we’ll learn hygiene rules. I have a question for you. What should we do to be health.

Ertalabki badantarbiya qilish

O’z vaqtida ovqatlanish

Tishlarimizni tozalash

Qo’llarimizni va yuzimizni yuvish

Sochlarimizni tarash

Yaxshi. Endi esa ularni ingliz tilida aytishni o’rganamiz. Look at the board. There are pictures. I’ll say you their English variant.

t1586798796aa.png Brush your teeth

t1586798796ab.jpg Wash your hands t1586798796ac.jpg Comb your hair t1586798796ad.jpg Wash your face

Now let’s play miming game. One pupil should show the action Others should guess.

A: Showing brushing teeth.

B: You are brushing your teeth

A: Yes.

Very good. NOW we’ll check how you remembered the new words. I’ll give you a card you should collect the flowers.t1586798796ae.jpg

Now let’s sing a song “Brush your teeth”

You have learnt body parts in the 1st and 2nd grade. Can you remember them. Let’s chech your memory. There is an interesting activity about body oarts. Look at the board. There are 2 boys. You should stick his body parts on their shown places.t1586798796af.jpg

Very good. I’ll mark the group who have done the activity 1st. Look at the next activity. There are clothes. You should write the body parts which we wear the clothes.t1586798796ag.jpg

I have reading activity which is described body parts. You must read the texts and draw their pictures.t1586798796ah.jpg

You are the 3rd grade and can you make up sentences?


Ok. Now make up sentences about body parts.t1586798796ai.jpg

Now we’ll sing a song about body parts.

Head and shoulders knees and toes.

Darsda unchalik faol qatnashmagan o’quvchilarni rag’batlantirish uchun ular bilan quyidagi mashqni bajaramiz.t1586798796aj.jpg

Ok. Now I’ll explain your homework. Your homework is to describe your classmates.

(she’s tall. Her hair is black).

To encourage active pupils.


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