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Annual control work

The 5th form

1.Выберите и вставьте в предложение правильную форму глагола.

1.I usually… my Granny on Saturday.

a) visits b) visited c) visit d) will visit

2.There … 30 pupils in our class last year.

a) were b) was c) are d) is

3. I can… English very well.

a) spoke b) speaks c) speak d) will speak

4. …they go to the Zoo with us next week?

a) shall b) will c) do d) did

5. I… to my friend’s place yesterday.

a) goed b) went c) goes d) will go

6. He will not… his holidays in America.

a) spent b) spended c) spends d) spend

7. My pencil…on the table yesterday. My mother… it in the box.

a) was not, put b) are not, put c) were not, put d) was not, puts

8. Do you like… to school? Yes, I…

a) to go, did b) go, do c) to go, do d) to go, don’t

9. We learn how to use computers at …lessons.

a) I. T b) Literature c) Drama d) Maths

10. She wanted to… us about her brother.

a) say b) tell c) speak d) show


2. Выбери вариант, соответствующий русскому переводу.

1.Мамин зонтик:

a) mothers umbrella b) mother’s umbrella c) mothers’ umbrella

2.Книги родителей:

a) parent’s books b) parents books c) parents’ books

3. Яблоко сестры:

a) sister’s apple b) sisters’ apple c) sisters apple

4. Конура собак:

a) dogs house b) dogs’ house c) dog’s house

5. Фотоаппарат сына:

a) sons’ camera b) sons camera c) son’s camera

6. Кассеты братьев:

a) brothers’ cassettes b) brother’s cassettes c) brothers cassettes


3. Напишите обещания, используя конструкцию to be going to. Используйте следующие идеи:

read a book in English, help my friends, help Mum about the house, write letters to my pen-friends, remember my friends birthdays, be nice to my little brother / sister, visit my Granny, do my homework every day, go on a trip, play board games with my family, not to watch TV a lot


4. Задайте разделительные вопросы к предложениям.

I went abroad in June.

I visited Berlin last summer.

I spent a lot of time outdoor swimming, playing and diving.

We took a lot of pictures of our friends.

He missed a football match.

I won’t go to the party.

I’ll spend a week in Scotland during summer holidays.


5. Поставь глагол в нужную форму. Раскрой скобки.

Last week I (visit) my grandparents

We (not to be) at school yesterday.

My sister often (read) books in the evening.

They (not to do) exercises every morning.

I (spend) my summer holidays in the country.


Задай вопросы, используя вопросы в скобках.

My friends are from Great Britain. (Where?)

They opened the window two hours ago. (What?)

She will start her work tomorrow. (When?)

Sam is in the 5th form. (Who?)

There are 28 children in our class. (How many children?)


Составь по таблице рассказ.



Favourite colour


Favourite subjects

Subjects(he dislikes)


Computer games












Foreign language






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