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Итоговая контрольная работа для 9 класса. Раздел 1-3. 1 триместр.

Listening. You will hear a girl Lisa talking about friendship in her life. For questions 2-8 choose the best answer A, B or C. you will hear each speaker twice. There is an example at the beginning.

With time Lisa understood that

She might lose all her friends

She should work at her relationships with friends

She should keep all her friends

Lisa can’t remember her primary school friends’ name because

It was too long ago

She had too many of them

They changed too often

Lisa became shy because she

Didn’t want to talk to anyone

Stayed in a group with the same people

Didn’t have enough fun with her friends

After quarrelling with her friend, Lisa felt




The people who helped Lisa get her confidence back were

Teachers and neighbours

Friends and parents

Doctors and nurses

On the first day of Year 10 Lisa made many new friends by

Starting conversations

Saying hello to everyone

Smiling at people

Now Lisa

Has a few friends

Has many friends

Has no friends

Lisa’s advise to anyone who wants to make friends is

To join some clubs

To go to parties

To show readiness to communicate SCORE: 7

Reading. Read the story “Quiet as a mouse” by David Mursayan tick the answers A, B, C or D as shown in the example.

Quiet as a mouse

Warm and snug in bed, Jimmy has just woken up. It’s early morning and he is listening very hard. Outside in the garden he can hear the birds singing, while the sunlight begins to creep round the curtain into his room. Insight the house it is silent. Jimmy listens hard – no, he can’t still hear them. Then he hears his mumcome past his bedroom and go downstairs to get breakfast, and it’s quiet again.

Jimmy tries to remember what happened the night before. He wanted to stay awake to see what happens at night. He thought if he stayed really still when everyone else was asleep he would be able to hear them. Of course, it was hard to stay completely still not moving, not even to get cool on a hot night by sliding his leg across to a cold spot in the bed. Once his nose began to itch and he had to put his hand up to scratch it.

It all started the week before while his mother was trying to write her weekly shopping list. Jimmy was running around the kitchen and jumping up and down because he couldn’t get to go out. His mum stop writing and said, ”Jimmy, sometimes you make more noise than an elephant. Couldn’t you be more like a mouse? You know what they say “quiet as a mouse”. What’ll happen when you to school?”

Jimmy stopped jumping, ”What do you mean, mum?”

Well, at school you’ll have to learn to listen when the teacher is telling you something.”

Jimmy was thoughtful. ”How quiet was a mouse?”

Well, there are a lot of mice in this old house but you can’t hear them because they don’t make any noise.”

For the next few days Jimmy went all over the house listening. In the sitting room he put his ear to the floor for a whole hour. Upstairs in his room he looked into a big cupboard and waited and waited. He even banged on the floor with his shoe to see if it would make the mice go round, so he could hear them. Still nothing.

Soon it was time for Jimmy to get ready to start school. His mother showed him how to write his name, bought him his first school uniform, a new blue bag and some coloured crayons. Jimmy was so busy he forgot to go listening.

After his first day at school, Jimmy’s dad asked him how he had got on.

Well, the teacher asked me if there was something wrong because I didn’t5 say anything all day.”

Why was that, Jimmy?”

I don’t know why – I was quiet as a mouse.”

In the kitchen Jimmy is playing

With a friend

On his own

With an elephant

With his mother

While listening Jimmy

Doesn’t move at all

Talks to his mother

Moves from time to time

Shouts and laughs

The action of the story is likely to be taking place in





Jimmy heard mice

Afew times


Only once

Many times

On the first day at school Jimmy

Was the noisiest boy in the class

Was as noisy as the rest of the class

Talked to the teacher a lot

Was very quiet

Who got up to make breakfast?


Jimmy’s dad

Jimmy’s mum

Jimmy’s teacher

Jimmy can

Read books

Do sums

Make up stories

Write his name SCORE: 6

English in use.

Read the following text and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct. And some have a word which should not be there.

If a line is correct, put a tick ( √) after it

If a line has a word that should not be there, write down this word.

There are two examples at the beginning

My pet’s a robot. ( SCORE: 10)

For people who want a real pet but are not able to look 0 __√___

after one scientists in Japan have developed as a robotic cat 00 ___as__

called NeCoRo. It can to sit, stretch and sleep, although 1________

it can’t walk. When you stroke it, it will purr, wiggle its 2________

the ears and move its head, and sound sensors in its ears 3________

mean NeCoRo can recognize its name when you to call it. 4________

Doctors in the US were so impressed be the robotic 5________

cat. They have been using it to help the long-stay 6________

patients in hospital. Studies have shown that by stroking 7________

a cat can make people feel relaxed and happy. Bat with 8________

the robotic cat they don’t have to be worry about feeding 9________

it or having to find a litter tray. 10_______

Use the words given in capitals to form a word that fits the space. There is an example at the beginning.


One of the truly great minds of all time, the 15th-centurt Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci was far ahead of his time, giving the world not only the Mona Lisa and his other extraordinary works of art, but also designs for a helicopter, military tank, submarine, bicycle – and even the sewing machine – among many others incredibly advanced innovations.

Yet despite his genius, and the many dozen full notebooks he left to us, the man named Leonardo remains largely (0) unknown ( KNOW)

and there is no way of knowing his deep (1)_______(THINK) or even what really drove his restless being. Illegitimate and badly educated, he made his own way through the world with (2) _______(DETERMINED) and the power of his extraordinary mind, fuelled by an intense curiosity to (3) ______(DISCOVERY) the heart and motion of everything that surrounded him. He always (4)____(QUESTION), ignoring the restrictions on learning from the Church: “how does light work? How do we see? How does blood circulate through the body? Is it (5) _____(POSSIBILITY) to crate truly life-like images using paint or stone? Can man ever (6)_____(FLIGHT) using some kind of apparatus – or (7)____(EXPLORATION) the bottom of the sea, while still breathing?”



Read the postcard you got from your friend and write an answer. Your postcard should answer your friend’s question and be no longer than 50 words.

Dear Vanya,

There are only two weeks now before I come to Russia. I can hardly wait to see you. I’ll stay with you for a week and I hope both of us will have a great time!

What clothes will I need in S.Petersburg in winter? I have never been in Russia and I need your advise.

See you very soon,



Ivan Petrov

Flat 65,

12, Zhukova Ave,

Saint Petersburg,





You want to take an English course in a language school in Britain. Phone their office to find out some information about the course. Ask about the following:

When the course starts

Hours per week

The price of the course

Any final test / exam

Any certificate

How to enroll ( записаться) SCORE: 20

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